Budapest Marriott Hotel is home to DNB Budapest, Liz and Chain Sky Lounge, Liz and Chain Greatroom, and M Club Lounge. We offer locally grown regional specialties in our DNB Budapest restaurant, so you can sample the best of Hungary. Enjoy our onsite Liz and Chain Greatroom for your coffee time or experience our Liz and Chain Sky Lounge rooftop bar, where you can enjoy sunsets, cooling cocktails or ultimate evenings that are known from picture postcards only. Read on for more details on what you can expect from these unique downtown Budapest dining experiences.

At This Hotel

DNB Budapest



From the Black Forest, to the Black Sea, DNB, Budapest Marriott’s restaurant evokes diverse traditions along its namesake, the Danube. DNB takes inspiration from the river’s regions, using local ingredients to create an authentic culinary experience.

6:30 AM-11:00 PM

Liz and Chain Greatroom


We designed a space that offers a great quality time for both hotel guests and locals, global travelers and visitors, corporate and leisure guests.

8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Liz and Chain Sky Lounge - Terrace

Liz and Chain Sky Lounge


This unique venue is ideal for a quick after-work aperitif, an exclusive birthday party or even just for a pleasant relaxation overlooking the magnificent views of Budapest.

5:00 PM-1:00 AM
Marriott Hotel Budapest, Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea


Special edition afternoon tea with pastries, finger sandwiches, Hungarian scones, patisserie specialties and tea selection.

12:00 PM-6:00 PM
Liz and Chain Bar

M Club


Elevate your stay at Budapest Marriott Hotel by enjoying all day access to snacks, fruits, juices, soft drinks, tea, and coffee. Indulge in dinner from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm and savor your favorite premium alcoholic beverages until 9 pm.

Open 24/7

Local Ingredients at DNB Budapest

We aim near but high: sourcing the very best local supplies taking into consideration animal welfare and sustainability, our menu reflects a crystal-clear and authentic inspiration of freshness, inspired by the yield of the current season.

DNB Budapest - Crayfish

Culinary Experience in Your Room

Budapest Marriott Hotel offers a sumptuous menu for in-room private dining and is certain to satisfy any craving.

In-Room Dining - Lemon posset with cappuccino


Rézkakas Bistro

1.5 KM

High-end bistro with mirrors & white tablecloths serving local veal & beef dishes, with gypsy music in the evening.

1.5 KM

The first Michelin star winner restaurant in Budapest. Smart, neutral-toned dining room for tasting menus of gourmet fish & meat dishes & Hungarian wines.
Aszú Restaurant

1.5 KM

Modern cuisine that understands its roots, while gazing out from Tokaj upon the world. The wine list offers numerous special selections exclusive to our establishment.

2.3 KM

In this restaurant the guests can find a high quality Italian gastronomy. The concept "Italian tradition in a continually reinterpreted international cuisine" is the main theme of their philosophy.
Trattoria Toscana

2.5 KM

Their spectacular meals are infamous; you will surely remember their wonderful taste for a long time.

2.8 KM

Retro fittings & wallpaper with patio in a busy eatery, with traditional goulash soup & beef stew.
TG Italiano

3.0 KM

Trendy & elegant, offering Mediterranean, Italian & Hungarian culinary traditions.
Trattoria Pomo D'oro

3.8 KM

The dishes prepared in the guest area are famous, not only because they amaze the guests by their spectacular sight.
Arany Kaviár

4.2 KM

The restaurant’s unique furnishings evoke the imperial tsarist atmosphere, the lavish splendour, and the bourgeois era.

5.2 KM

The name Gundel could rightly stand for the history of modern Hungarian gastronomy and hospitality. Discover the country by its unique taste of food invented by a Bavarian born genius Károly Gundel who tamed the Hungarian cuisine.