Park Tower, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Buenos Aires


Welcome to fine dining with finesse and sophistication. St. Regis Restaurant is a melting pot of international flavors, serving pork loin, Patagonic trout, blue cheese ravioli and crispy octopus. Savor gorgeous gastronomy around the clock with our breakfast buffet and tablecloth dinner receptions. Park Tower, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Buenos Aires offers 24-hour in-room dining for late-night cravings and unique, native recipes such as viscacha arepa.

Restaurant Breakfast

St. Regis Restaurant


Indulge in sliced cheeses, salmon and a variety of dainty breakfast spreads at St. Regis Restaurant. Our elegant dining room overlooks Alem Street from a radiant glass alcove. In the evening, watch the city sparkle with a world-renowned Argentinian steak.

Open for breakfast,lunch and dinner


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