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Sea turtle.

Experience Good Travel with Marriott Bonvoy

Good Travel with Marriott Bonvoy is a program that offers meaningful travel, allowing you the opportunity to create a positive impact as you explore and build deeper connections in local communities when you stay in our hotels.

With over 100 curated experiences, the program focuses on three pillars – Environmental Protection, Community Engagement, and Marine Conservation. 

Discover how you can contribute meaningfully to engage in Marine Conservation with us at Sheraton Kosgoda Turtle Beach Resort.

The issue/challenge 
The sea turtle population is plummeting due to excessive commercial fishing and turtle egg poaching.

The guest experience
Volunteer at a Turtle Hatchery: Why It Matters

The impact
Conserve Sea Turtle Nests and Care for Sick and Injured Turtles

Volunteer at a Turtle Hatchery: The Impact

Preserving Sri Lanka’s Endangered Sea Turtles

The Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project is run by volunteers committed to preserving the endangered marine life of Sri Lanka. The center relies on donations and volunteers to help protect Sri Lanka’s turtles from extinction.

The hatchery monitors local sea turtle activity, conserves local nesting sites, rescues eggs from the clutches of potential predators (or poachers), hatches and returns the baby turtles back to the ocean. Some turtles from each hatching are kept at the sanctuary for a short period to give them a better chance for survival once released into the wild.

The project aims to increase public awareness around preserving marine life. Trained volunteers are on hand to show the different types of turtles and educate guests further about their conservation initiatives.

By helping at the center, guests will play a meaningful role in the effort to save these endangered creatures.