Welcome to Four Points by Sheraton Kochi Infopark

Make yourself at home in our Kochi hotel rooms and suites

Book a stylish Kochi hotel suite with a kitchenette and make yourself comfortable while in India
After a busy day, return to your Koichi hotel room or suite and sleep on a plush pillowtop bedding
Watch your favorite shows in Kochi; our suites offer a flat-screen TV with premium movie channels
Enjoy additional perks such as 24-hour room service and a mini kitchen with a coffee and tea maker
Business guests can make use of a spacious desk and complimentary Wi-Fi in our Kochi accommodations
Elevate your stay by reserving one of our spacious balcony Kochi suites

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Please note: all room sizes are approximate.

Four Points by Sheraton Kochi Infopark