Fairfield by Marriott Hokkaido Minamifurano

Welcome to Fairfield by Marriott Hokkaido Minamifurano

Nearby Things To Do

マーケットプレイス (The Marketplace)

0.1 KM

The Marketplace offers a convenient selection of snacks and drinks. There are also restaurants around the hotel where you can enjoy local specialties. Please ask our staff for recommendations.

Crepe & Wine Bar cafe よりみち (Cafe Yorimichi (Crepes & Wine Bar))

0.3 KM

Enjoy crepes and other light meals for lunch and local specialties for dinner, including Yezo deer sausages and prosciutto, with Hokkaido wines and sommelier-selected wines.

ビストロ さっちゃん(Bistro Satchan)

0.3 KM

The restaurant offers wonderful Japanese, Chinese, and Western dishes, such as Yezo deer croquettes and sausages made from local ingredients. You can buy fruits and vegetables at the farmer’s market.

レストラン メープル(Restaurant Maple)

0.3 KM

The Western-style restaurant at Minami Furano road station offers authentic dishes, such as omelet rice, hamburger curry, and ramen, made by a former hotel executive chef.

肉どころ ~燈~(Nikudokoro Akari)

0.3 KM

The restaurant at Minami Furano road station, owned by Ueda butcher, offers popular three varieties of steak and the beef cutlet sandwich. You can buy meats for steak and wines at the grocery store.

ほしざわや 故郷店(Hoshizawaya Furusato Branch)

0.3 KM

The restaurant at Minami Furano road station offers rice balls and other homemade-taste dishes supervised by Sachiko Hoshizawa, a Furano native known as the master of Hokkaido cuisine.

カフェ seizan(Cafe Seizan)

0.6 KM

Enjoy authentic pizzas baked in a wood-fired brick oven, such as classic 10-inch Margherita, homemade bacon and sausage, and more. The desserts are also fantastic.

ファームアンド カフェベリーズ(Farm & Cafe BERRIES)

13.5 KM

The berry farmer-owned café, surrounded by forests and clearwater rivers, offers delicious pasta dishes using local ingredients as well as desserts, such as homemade berry juice and ice cream.

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