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Enrich your travels in a great location near the upscale shops & restaurants at Galleria Dallas. Earn 1,000 bonus points per night up to 4,000 towards your future travel. Not only will you enjoy your stay at our hotel, but you can accelerate your point balance, too. Use code M11 when booking.
Scout restaurants and attractions from our hotel rooms in Dallas, TX using our free high-speed Wi-Fi
Fully equipped kitchens and free grocery shopping services make for a winning combination
Work out of your room in Dallas, TX, with a large desk, bright lighting and an ergonomic chair
After shopping at Galleria Dallas, return to your hotel room for premium movies on a flat-panel TV
Our hotel suites in Dallas, TX, create a homey, cozy ambiance with separate sleeping and living area
Enjoy the company of your close ones from our accommodations near Galleria Mall

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Residence Inn Dallas by the Galleria