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The eighth wonder, in the heart of the earth

Thermal Natural Grotto

Grotta Giusti is the largest natural thermal grotto in Europe. It is a millenary cave, still intact and breathtaking, that extends for over two hundred metres in the resort’s subsoil. A true natural paradise divided into three areas: Paradise, Purgatory and Hell, with temperatures ranging from 28°C to 34°C. The steam released is beneficial and therapeutic. Among the stalactites and stalagmites, the large rock vaults create rooms where you can stop for a natural steam bath. At the bottom of the cave is the Limbo, a crystalline lake of warm thermal waters, with a constant temperature of 36ºC.

The Steam Bath in the Grotto

The Steam Bath in the Natural Thermal Grotta

Let the thermal steam bath envelop you and abandon yourself to complete relaxation in the evocative atmosphere of Grotta Giusti. Discover the secrets of what maestro Giuseppe Verdi called “the eighth wonder of the world”

Thermal Grotto

The Underground Lake

Spa Floating in the Underground Thermal Lake

Following relaxing techniques inspired by yoga and bio-energy, you’ll learn how to float naturally on the surface of the underground lake, where the water temperature and the thermal steam can help induce a deep sense of wellbeing.

Spa floating in the thermal grotto
Music Therapy and Meditation
Thermal Grotto

Music Therapy and Meditation in the Grotto

In the warm embrace of the thermal steam, a Tibetan singing bowl concert leads you into a deep state of physical and mental relaxation. This sound, accompanied by the voice of the master, guides you in relaxation to free your mind from all thoughts and release tensions. The rocky vaults amplify the effect of the sounds and vibrations and stimulate the body and mind.

Thermal Grotto

Grotta Giusti, One of a Kind in the World

The history of Grotta Giusti begins in 1849 on a hill overlooking the town. A group of labourers who worked in a quarry discovered the cavity and went down into the mysterious natural well. There lay a wondrous spectacle of nature: stalactites and stalagmites that hung from the vaults and rose from the floor, corridors and underground rooms, a lake of clear, warm water that filled the rooms with steam.

Spa floating in the thermal grotto

Thermal Yoga in the Natural Grotto

The body is warmer, more malleable and suppler. Breathing is easier. The mind finds it easier to concentrate. The body temperature rises, increasing its ability to heal naturally, the blood flows faster, helping the musculoskeletal and cardiocirculatory system function better, and toxins are eliminated more effectively. Heat and concentrated breathing keep the blood well oxygenated.

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