Thoughtful design and a sense of community define the dining options where sharing is encouraged. Silene Bar & Restaurant Milan offers all-day dining options from breakfast to quick lunches and work food, from aperitif to informal dining which in the spring and summer season are also enjoyable on its unique terraced garden. El Patio del Gaucho, Javier Zanetti, magnificently designed with a mix of tradition and contemporary style, offers Argentinian classic meat dishes while adding a modern twist with fish and vegetable options, making it the steakhouse of choice in the city. Its cuisine also offers an array of shareable bite-sized dishes for the typical Milanese aperitivo.

El Patio del Gaucho, Javier Zanetti

Asado de Fin de Semana

Weekends at El Patio del Gaucho are all about authentic gatherings. The Argentinian version of the brunch is conceived as a moment of familiar conviviality to bring people together and share food and experiences.

El Asado del Domingo - Sunday Brunch

Outdoor Space

In the warmer months, guests can dine in the just-outside terraced garden to enjoy the rays of the sun hiding behind the trees of the urban oasis all around. An adjoining children's outdoor area harmoniously blends with the overall atmosphere.

El Patio del Gaucho, Javier Zanetti

Silene Bar & Restaurant

Silene Restaurant
Design Sets the Scene

The color palette effortlessly blends with soothing gold and gray accents merging with sharp lines and rough textures in a restful, yet functional environment. Open, collaborative and flowing, conceived to bring people together. The design has been built upon creating a community-fluid space that feels warm and inviting, with stylish essentials providing an elevated experience.

Terraced Garden
Dining Around the Clock

Vibrant urban oasis in the heart of San Siro, Silene Bar & Restaurant is a convivial gathering place, home to simplicity and genuine seasonal ingredients. Paying homage to Italian traditions and Mediterranean cuisine it offers an all-day dining menu, from breakfast to quick lunches, from aperitif to informal dining, which extend open-air in the terrace with the advent of spring and summer warm breeze.

Silene Bar
Social Table

A Grab & Go counter at the gateway serving healthy snacks and drinks fosters those in a rush not to give up on a balanced and nourishing meal even when running to get to a meeting or after a sport session in the nearby parks. What makes Silene even more noteworthy is the adjoining terraced garden, ideal for outdoor aperitifs under the shade of trees or al fresco lunch breaks.

At This Hotel

El Patio del Gaucho, Javier Zanetti

El Patio del Gaucho, Javier Zanetti


Paying homage to the Argentinian fine dining, El Patio del Gaucho, Javier Zanetti serves classic meat dishes, fish and vegetable choices. Embark for a culinary journey led by the expert asador that will make you feel right in the heart of Buenos Aires.

7:00 PM-11:00 PM
Silene Restaurant

Silene Restaurant


Unique destination for people to come together, share food, drinks and stories. It offers a hand-crafted selection of Mediterranean cuisine & Italian recipes. Breakfast 7am-11am from Monday to Sunday. Dinner 7pm - 10.45pm.

7:00 AM-11:00 AM, 6:00 PM-9:00 PM, 7:00 PM-11:00 PM
Silene Bar

Silene Bar


All-day dining from early morning breakfast to after dinner. Snacks, quick lunches, and aperitifs. The All-Day Menu is daily served at Silene Bar & Restaurant Milan from 10am to 12am. Kitchen will be open until 11pm.

7:00 AM-11:00 AM, 6:00 PM-9:00 PM
Pool Oasis Bar

Pool Oasis Bar


Serving up light lunches and refreshing drinks throughout the day, our hotel Pool Bar is an inspiring place to connect and unwind in a day of total relaxation by the pool. It also turns into a perfect spot for hosting private cocktails and social events.



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