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The location has a supporting commercial complex
The hotel is only 2 km away from Baijiahu Commercial Center
The hotel is only 2 km away from the 1912 specialty bar block
The hotel is only 2 km away from Jiangning District Government
Nearby the hotel has Niu Shou Mountain, Fangshan and other tourism resources

Nearby Things To Do

Electric syllables in the music valley of Fang Shan

Nanjing Fangshan Music Valley

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Fangshan Mountain

Mount Fang

8.0 KM

Fangshan, which looks like a huge seal, is also called Heavenly Seal Mountain.It is said to be the first man-made mountain in Nanjing.

HB Town

12.0 KM

The town is located in the planning area of Nanjing Shangqinhuai Wetland Park.The content of the cooperation project combines the theme of film culture with the rich and colorful local culture of Nanjing region.

Gingko Lake

25.0 KM

Ginkgo lake covers an area of 15 square kilometers, is the province's largest ecological theme amusement project.Ginkgo Lake Park is divided into recreation area, ecological leisure area, water world, business district, golf course, hotel villa area.