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マーケットプレイス (The Marketplace)

0.1 KM

With The Marketplace, guests of Fairfield Okayama Hiruzen Highland can stock their rooms with snacks and drinks. There are also restaurants around the hotel where they can savor the cuisine of Maniwa, Japan.

味覚工房 そばの館(Mikakukobo Sobanoyakata)

0.2 KM

One and only Soba restaurant in Hiruzen which harvest soba on their own. Many of local people are big fan of their freshly ground, made and boiled soba.

道の駅 風の家 軽食コーナー(Michinoeki "Kaze-no-Ie” Canteen )

0.3 KM

Located in Michinoeki(Roadside Station), they offer several local specialty such as 'Hiruzen yakisoba' and "Kaze-no-ie ramen". Of course, you can enjoy soft cream and gelato made from fresh jersey milk.

かわりそば ひるぜん山楽(Kawarisoba Sanraku)

0.8 KM

You must try their famous menu "Kawarisoba" which is made from tea and offerd on a hot plate. At night they are open as ”Izakaya” where you can enjoy alchol and various kind of finger food.

トラットリア ケナル(Torattoria Qenaru)

1.5 KM

They use fresh dairy product from local dairy farmaer and fresh seosonal vegetable, so that you can enjoy various unique seasonal dishes. Sustainable restaurant in full of nature.

大衆食堂 一番(ICHIBAN)

1.6 KM

Very populer chinese restaurant among people in Hiruzen. With good old styled atmosphere, you gotta try their homemade dumplings, ramen and deep fried chicken!

蒜山家きんべえ(Hiruzenya KINBE)

1.8 KM

Kinbe is offering wide variety of menu, for example, Japanese styled set meal, rice bowl meals and stir-fried noodles. At night, how about enjoying their cuisine with alcohol?


2.6 KM

Over 30 years in business, KogenTei is keep offering "Hiruzen Yakisoba" which is their specialty loved by many local people.


2.7 KM

They offer several kinds of Hiruzen specialtis such as "Hiruzen Yakisoba", "Hiruzen Okowa" and "Hiruzen Soba". You can try Gibier cuisine as well.

ウッドパオ(Wood Pao)

3.4 KM

Wood Pao is a restaurant where you can exprience BBQ with Hiruzen speciality - Genghis Khan and Jersey beef. There are some outside BBQ site, so please enjoy the impressive scenery as well!

ひるぜんワイナリー(Hiruzen Winery)

3.6 KM

Using wild vines from Hiruzen highland, their wine has won many awards in competitions. Not only wine, grape juice is also their specialty. There are also a shop and a restaurant.


4.8 KM

Renovated traditional folk house, Kayabe-do has a very calm and peaceful atmosphere. Focaccia and fluffy pancake are their recommendation.

ひるぜん 悠悠(Hiruzen YUYU)

5.4 KM

Very first restaurant to offer "Hiruzen Yakisoba" which is star-fried noodles with miso-based sause. Their deep fied chicken is also a must-eat as it won a gold prize at Karaage competition.

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