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8.0 KM

Nebbursvollen Outdoor swimming pool consists of 3 pools (50 m pool, exercise pool and splash pool). It has large open spaces, water slides, shower/toilet facilities, barbecue facilities, picnic area and sand volleyball court

Mega fun

9.0 KM

With 5,000 square meters filled to the ceiling with fun activities, Mega fun are the largest indoor play center in Norway.

Høyt og lavt Lillestrøm Activity park

18.0 KM

Activity park/climbing park with 224 elements divided into11 climbing trails. The courses vary in length and level of difficulty, and are built into the natural terrain.

X Gym

0.1 KM

Hauger Golfclub

3.0 KM

Ramstadveien 180, Skjetten, Norway, 2013 SKJET

Hauger Golfclub

18 holes
Miklagard Golf Club

18.0 KM


Miklagard Golf Club

18 holes


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