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The Augustine has exceptional fine dining restaurants and cocktail bars that blend gourmet international cuisine with indigenous flavor. Combined with our sumptuous surroundings, every dish is transformed into a unique culinary experience. Augustine Restaurant is located by the courtyard of a former Augustinian monastery and represents a harmonic combination of 700 years of history and modern design. It is exactly its location that inspired its name. The unique culinary experience you will have in historic locations such as The Refectory, St. Thomas Brewery Bar or the Sundial Garden will surely leave an impression. Augustine restaurant team puts emphasis on fresh seasonal ingredients, simple yet tasty recipes and unique presentation of dishes.

At This Hotel

Augustine Restaurant - Sundial Garden - Dining Set Up

Augustine Restaurant


Our Augustine Restaurant is a premium breakfast and lunch venue, overlooking our terrace and is tastefully decorated with nature-inspired art.

7:00 AM-10:00 PM
The Refectory Bar

The Refectory


Situated in the monastery's barrel-vaulted double-height hall, the Refectory affords views of a formal garden square and outside seating on the cloister terrace in the summer. Savor seasonal cocktails and signature St. Thomas Beer along with light snacks.

3:00 PM-10:00 PM
St. Thomas Brewery Bar

St. Thomas Brewery Bar


With direct access from Letenská Street, enter this historic venue, St. Thomas Brewery Bar, an artificial grotto offering Czech-style tapas, beer and signature, St. Thomas beer. This beer originated from a secret recipe of the Augustinians order of monks

4:00 PM-11:00 PM

St Thomas Brewery Bar

Opening from the 4th of January onwards, enjoy the St. Thomas Beer and Czech Tapas.

Chef's Vision

Chef Jan Horák believes that constant search for great seasonal local and sustainable products, treating it with respect, knowledge and skill is necessary to meet and exceed the guest's expectations.

Augustine Restaurant - Chef

Private Rose Garden Dinner

Surprise your loved one with an exclusive dinner experience for two in a private Rose garden where you can escape the world together.

Rose Garden – Private Dining

Enhanced Breakfast

Delightful breakfast every day from early morning with buffet selection and wide a la carte selection along with freshly squeezed juices, sparkling wine & coffee or tea of your choice. Please share with us your dietary requirements to meet your expectations.

Augustine Restaurant - Breakfast
Signature Angels Cocktails

Signature Angel's Cocktails

Cherish the moment with our refreshing signature Angel's cocktails, inspired by four archangels depicted on fresco ceiling. Get the power by drinking Michael, follow your inner voice with Gabriel, feel the love with Raphael or enjoy the beauty of the world with Jophiel.

The Refectory - Seasonal Cocktails

Seasonal Cocktails

Savor a cocktail from seasonal selection personally designed and prepared by our professional and experienced bartenders. Experience the combination of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art design and witness the art of their mixology.

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