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The Moxy Bar


You’re new in town and you want to make this a trip to remember. We totally get that. Everything starts with check-in at the bar! Our lobby is like a living room with a bartender that you won’t want to leave.

6:30 AM-10:30 PM


Kura Sushi

.3 KM

Japanese Sushi chain

Starbucks - Showtime WenXin

.3 KM

A-Kuan - Showtime Wenxin

.3 KM

Hotpot Restaurant

Karen Express - Showtime Wenxin

.3 KM

Teppanyaki Restaurant

DUBU House Korea

.3 KM

In Korean, bean curd is called dubu or do-bu. Dubu House Korea restaurant is designed to create the conception of delicacy cooking.

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi

.3 KM

Arashi is a popular ramen noodle shop all over Japan.

Three days later

.3 KM


.3 KM