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Elevate Your Fitness Experience at Tirana Marriott Hotel!

On-Site Outlets
Tirana Marriott Gym
Stay energized 24/7 In addition to keeping your body fit and mind juvenile, the gym integrates relaxing spaces of sauna and steam room

Hotel Fitness Center

Discover a world of wellness and rejuvenation at our gym. Located on the 2nd floor with city view.

Impressive red & black complex, upscale area with numerous prominent boutiques, cafes, restaurants
AirAlbania, the National Stadium & modern sport complex with the one of a kind architectural design
Blloku, a closed-off zone during the Communist rule, today a trendy nightlife and shopping district
The Castle of Tirana, a remarkable place where history and entertainment are perfectly harmonized
Grand Park of Tirana-The most relaxing place in the city, ideal for an early-morning run, promenade
Skanderbeg Square with its 40,000 sqm is the centre of Tirana named after the Albanian National Hero

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