Blind Barber

Find fresh cuts and flirty styles at our classic barbershop

A classic barbershop shave is a time-honored experience that can't be faked. Popular neighborhood barbershop and speakeasy Blind Barber is partnered with Moxy NYC Times Square for its first-ever hotel location. This NYC-based parlor offers cuts, trims, blow-dries and styles, along with hangover treatments from an expert team of grooming professionals.

NYC Based Barber Shop-Plus-Speakeasy

Open daily from 10:30 am – 7:30 pm

Subject to holidays
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(646) 609-1772


Blind Barber offers styles of short and long scissor cuts, as well as razor styling and traditional tight clipper cuts. Cuts offered range from classic to cutting-edge. If you know what type of cut you want, perfect. If not, consult one of the barbers who can make personal recommendations just for you.



Blind Barber’s shaving process begins with a treated warm towel, which cleanses the face and opens the pores. When performing the classic shave, the barbers implement the traditional 14-stroke process, which ensures a smooth shave that works with the growth patterns of the face. The shaving process is completed by hydrating the face and applying a cold towel to seal the pores, leaving skin feeling cool and refreshed.



Blind Barber shapes and evens out your beard using clippers and scissors to give it a natural look. One of the most popular services, the beard trim wears well from work to play.

Hair Trims — $30
Beard Trims — $25

Blow Dry & Style

Stay smooth with the perfect blowout, whether you prefer it “on the rocks” with some waves and texture or “neat” with it sleek and smooth. The service includes a thorough consultation, shampoo with head massage, and time to relax while Blind Barber does all the work.


Hangover Treatment

Complimented by Blind Barber’s signature skin care products, the Hangover Treatment includes a thoughtful consultation, six thoroughly crafted steps, and the refreshing libation of your choosing. Hangover not required!



Blind Barber continues to harness the natural benefits of Hops (yes, from beer) and Juniper Berry (from gin) in their ever-expanding line of grooming products for the face and hair, offering more ways to personalize the customer’s look based on hair type, needs and time. Products maximize benefits so you can just groom, get out the door and get on with it, without sacrificing the handsome.

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