320 4th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 2S6 Canada
+1 403-266-1611

Accessibility & Pet Policies


This hotel is committed to making our facilities, amenities and services accessible to guests with disabilities. We will attempt to make reasonable modifications to our policies, practices, or procedures for guests with disabilities in order to provide them with access to the facilities and services our hotel has to offer.

Questions about the accessible facilities and services offered should be directed to the hotel at (1)(403) 266-1611.


The Westin Calgary welcomes your pet! Take advantage of special amenities during your hotel stay, including:

Heavenly Dog Bed
Food and water bowls
Special floor mat
Official "Dog in room" privacy sign

Pets are welcome to our hotel free of charge, but cannot be left in your room unaccompanied. Please let us know you'll be bringing your pet along by calling us at (403) 266-1611 prior to your stay.