1743 West Nursery Road, Linthicum, Maryland 21090 USA
+1 410-859-8300

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Baltimore Washington Airport hotel
Front Desk
Lobby - Sitting Area
Hotel with Outdoor Patio and BBQ Grill
Outdoor Patio

Guest Rooms

BWI airport king room
King Guest Room
BWI hotel double/double room
Double/Double Guest Room
BWI hotel executive king room
Executive King Guest Room
Arundel Mills executive king room
Executive King Guest Room
BWI hotel room with WiFi
Guest Room - Technology Corner
BWI hotel spacious bathroom
Guest Bathroom Vanity


BWI parlor suite living room
Hospitality Suite
BWI hotel suite dining area
Hospitality Suite Dining Area

Services & Amenities

BWI Airport shuttle service
Airport Shuttle


BWI hotel lobby business area
Social Business Zone


Lobby Bar
Day/Night Bar with Starbucks® Lounge
Chesapeake Restaurant - Private Dining Rooms
Linthicum Sports Bar and Restaurant
Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant
Linthicum Sports Bar And Restaurant
Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant

Recreation & Fitness

Annapolis Hotel with Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool
BWI hotel fitness center
Fitness Center
Fitness Center - Free Weights

Nearby Attractions

BWI Airport
BWI Airport
Maryland Live! Casino in Baltimore
Maryland Live! Casino

Events & Meetings

Grand Ballroom - Theater Setup
Grand Ballroom - Social Setup
Grand Ballroom
Executive Boardroom


Grand Ballroom - Wedding Ceremony Setup

BWI Airport Marriott®

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