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Hotel Views

Exterior View
Hotel AC Gran Canaria
Front Desk
Hotel AC Gran Canaria
Grand Staircase

Guest Rooms

View Twin/Twin Guest Room
Standard Twin/Twin Guest Room - Amenities
Standard Twin/Twin Guest Room
Standard King Guest Room
View Twin/Twin Guest Room
Standard Balcony King Guest Room
Standard View Balcony Guest Room
Standard Queen Room
Guest Room Amenities
Standard Balcony King
Standard Balcony King
Standard Balcony Twin/Twin Guest Room - View
View Twin/Twin Guest Room - Balcony
High Floor Ocean View - Port City and Ocean View
High floor Views - Atlantic Ocean Views
Standard View Balcony Room - Port Views
Balcony Room Guest Bathroom
Standard Queen Accesible Bathroom - Roll-In Shower
Guest Bathroom


Junior Suite - Living Room
Junior Suite - Bedroom
Junior Suite - Sofa Bed
Junior Suite - Balcony
Suite - Sleeping Area
Suite Room - Living Area
Junior Suite - Bedroom Amenities


AC Library - Detail
AC Library


AC Lounge - Bay View
AC Lounge - City View
AC Lounge - Lifestyle Decor
AC Lounge - Bar
AC Lounge - Seating Area
AC Lounge -
AC Lounge - Detail
AC Lounge - View Detail
AC Breakfast Buffet - Cereals & Milk
AC Breakfast Buffet - Varied Seasonal Fruits
AC Breakfast Buffet - Bread Selection
AC Lounge - Salmon at Flame with Quinoa
AC Lounge - Lychees & Mango Gazpacho
AC Lounge - AC Sense
AC Lounge - Signature Drinks

Recreation & Fitness

Rooftop Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool Hotel AC Gran Canaria
Top Roof Outdoor Pool
Swimming Pool Hotel AC Gran Canaria
Top Roof Outdoor Pool
Fitness Centre

Events & Meetings

Consejo A / B - U-Shape Setup
Gran Forum B
Forum A or Forum B - Imperial Set Up
Third Floor Meeting Room Foyer
Forum C
Gran Forum A - Theatre Setup
Second Floor Meeting Room Foyer
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