485 Brickell Avenue, Miami, Florida 33131 USA
+1 305-503-4400

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Guest Rooms

Cool Corner Guest Bathroom
Cool Corner Guest Room - Guest Bathroom
Cool Corner King
Cool Corner King Guest Room
Mega Double Beds
Mega Double Guest Room
Mega Guest Bathroom
Mega Guest Room - Guest Bathroom
Spectacular King
Spectacular King Guest Room
Wonderful King
Wonderful King Guest Room
Wow Dining Room
Wow Suite - Dining Room


Fantastic Suite - King
Fantastic Suite - King Bed
Fantastic Suite - Dining
Fantastic Suite - Sitting Area
Marvelous Suite - King
Marvelous Suite - King Bed
Marvelous Suite - Dining
Marvelous Suite - Dining Area
Wow Suite - Double Bedroom
Wow Suite - Double/Double Guest Bedroom
Wow Suite - Master Bedroom
Wow Suite - Master Guest Bedroom


ADDiKT Restaurant
ADDiKT Restaurant
Whisper Cocktail Lounge
WET Lounge
Located at ADDiKT's restaurant on the 15th floor.
To top off a great meal at ADDiKT's restaurant check out the view you will have.
Located on the 15th floor is at ADDiKT's restaurant.

Recreation & Fitness

WET Deck Pool
WET® Rooftop Pool
WET Deck Rooftop Pool
Rooftop Event Space
Wet Deck
Rooftop Event Space


Iconbrickell Spa
Iconbrickell Spa
Iconbrickell Spa
Iconbrickell Spa

Events & Meetings

Great Room
Great Room
Whisper Cocktail Lounge Meeting
WET Lounge Meeting
Pre-Function Space
Pre-Function Space
Salon East
Studio East
Salon West
Studio West


Whisper Cocktail Lounge Reception
WET Lounge Reception
Whisper Cocktail Lounge Wedding
Whisper Cocktail Lounge -Wedding

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