Fairfield Inn & Suites Fair Oaks Farms

708 North 600 East, Fair Oaks, Indiana 47943 USA
+1 219-394-2100

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Exterior - Barn Design
Front Desk
Lobby - Seating Area
Topographical Map Rug

Guest Rooms

Queen/Queen Guest Room
Queen/Queen Guest Room
Queen/Queen Guest Room
Queen/Queen Guest Room- Work Desk
King Guest Room
King Guest Room
King Guest Room - Work Desk
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bathroom- Glass Shower
Guest Bathroom- Tub&Shower Combination
Accessible Bathroom


Queen/Queen Suite
Queen/Queen Suite - Sleeping Area
Queen/Queen Suite - Sleeping Area
King Suite
King Suite -
King Suite- Sleeping Area
Silo Bridal Suite- Bedroom
Silo Bridal Suite- Bedroom
Silo Bridal Suite- Bedroom
Silo Bridal Suite- Silo Area
Silo Bridal Suite- Soft Seating
Silo Bridal Suite - Floor Length Mirror
Silo Family Suite - King Bed With Sofa Bed
Silo Family Suite
Silo Family Suite- Bunk Beds
Silo Business Suite- Bedroom
Silo Business Suite - Sleeping Area
Silo Business Suite- Room View
Silo Business Suite- Meeting Table
Silo Business Suite
Entertainment Suite- Seating Area
Entertainment Suite
Entertainment Suite- Zoom Bed
Suite- Living Area


Business Center
Farmhouse Table
Outdoor Terrace


Dining Area
Breakfast Seating Area
Complimentary Breakfast Buffet
Coffee Bar
Farmhouse Restaurant, Pub & Conference Center
Farmhouse Pub - Farmhouse Burger
The Farmhouse Restaurant & Pub - Farm-fresh Pizza
Farmhouse Restaurant & Pub - Steak grilled to perfection
The Farmhouse Pub - Farm-Crafted Cocktails

Recreation & Fitness

Indoor/Outdoor Hot Tub
Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool
Pool Slide
Indoor Pool - Seating Area
Fitness Center
Fitness Center

Nearby Attractions

Pool Tables

Events & Meetings

The Boardroom - Banquet Setup
The Farmhouse Conference Center
Crop Adventure Meeting Room - Classroom Setup


Weddings Banquet Setup
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