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Local Eats

An Introduction to Singaporeans' Favourites.

Local Favorites

Chilli Crab
A popular seafood dish among locals and foreigners in Singapore, mud crabs are stir-fried in a sweet, savoury and slightly spicy gravy, best eaten by dipping with mantou (fried or steamed buns). 
Chicken Rice
Proudly crowned as Singapore's 'national dish', succulent steamed white chicken is cut into bite-size and served on fragrant rice topped with coriander leaves and sesame oil, accompanied by a tangy garlic-chilli dip.
Kaya Toast
A classic Singaporean breakfast which includes toasted bread with butter and kaya spread - a jam made from eggs, sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaves. Eat like the locals do and dip the bread in a duo of soft-boiled eggs dashed with dark soy sauce and a dusting of white pepper. 
Nasi Lemak
A notable Malay rice dish with rich flavours commonly served with ingredients like fried chicken, roasted nuts, eggs, ikan bilis (also known as fried anchovies), slices of cucumber and sambal (spicy chilli paste). The aromatic rice is cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaves.
Roti Prata
A type of flatbread with origins from India, Roti means 'bread', and prata means 'flat' in Hindi. Made by pan-frying stretched dough, Roti Prata comes with a variety of fillings and can be served plain or with eggs, dipped in fish or mutton curry. Modern variations with cheese, chocolate or even ice-cream are also available.
Similar to kebabs, marinated pieces of meat are grilled on a skewer and typically served with a spicy peanut sauce dip.
Fried Carrot Cake
Not your typical carrot cake dessert, the Fried Carrot Cake is made of radish cake cubes stir-fried with eggs and preserved radish. Two variations are available - the white and the black, with the latter being cooked with sweet soy sauce. 
Often eaten as a side dish or as an appetiser, Rojak is a local salad of mixed vegetables and fruits, drizzled with a sweet and sour sauce comprising prawn paste, sugar and lime. 
Fish Head Curry
An iconic flavourful dish with mixed Indian and Chinese origins, a fish head is simmered in spicy curry and served with assorted vegetables including eggplant and ladyfingers.


The Dining Room's Signatures

Savor the taste of Singapore in a delicious mix of local flavors at The Dining Room. Highlights include the Sheraton Signature Laksa, made up of a hearty portion of rice vermicelli simmered in coconut broth with a generous topping of tiger prawns, fish cakes and quail eggs. 

What's Near? 

Eat in 'Crazy Rich Asian' style at Newton Food Centre, an outdoor food centre located just opposite the hotel. Featuring a host of local street food from the famed Chilli Crabs to Chicken Rice and more, there's bound to be something for everyone. 
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