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Singapore Art Scene

Attracting innovative artists from around the world, the Singapore art scene has gained momentum in the last decade and is fast becoming an international hub for multicultural fusion art. Private and public art has taken centre stage within Singaporean communities, with the upsurge multifarious events and exhibits at the many art galleries in Singapore. The St. Regis Singapore is committed to displaying the exclusive works of artists with historically rare talent such as Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall and Joan Miró. Surrounding our guests with masterpieces from geniuses around the world comes from the indispensable enthusiasm for creating an inspiring environment and appreciation for the magnificence of modern and historical art.

Whether you choose to peruse the historical and culturally influential art within the majestic halls of the Singapore museums or have the serendipitous chance to view a modern art event featuring an internationally renowned artist, the Singapore art scene is extensive, progressive, and constantly active in providing a stage for grand artisanship.

Discover the Renowned Singapore Art Scene