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Just As Alive Today As It Was 1,000 Years Ago: Nuremberg

Discover the Franconian Metropol directly from your accommodation in Nuremberg. With over 500,000 inhabitants, Nuremberg is not only the second largest city in Bavaria, but at the same time it is the second most important commercial centre of the free state. As far back at the Middle Ages, the Franconian metropolis was a powerful main trading point. The impressive Nuremberg Castle, landmark of the city, pays homage to this time period. In around 1800, Nuremberg was close to falling under Prussian rule, but it did not go so far. Instead, Nuremberg became part of the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1806.

Artists such as the painter Albrecht Dürer, the poet Hans Sachs and the sculptor Veit Stoss made the city famous. The pocket watch and the terrestrial globe were invented here. The composer Johann Pachelbel, who with 'Canon' wrote one of the most popular pieces of music of the Baroque period, is also a city native. Nuremberg has become affluent through the distribution and production of toys and works of art.  

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Leisure Activities in Nuremberg

Nuremberg and its surrounding area have a wide range of recreational activities on offer all year round. Franconian Switzerland and the Franconian Lake District are ideal places for your leisure pursuits.

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Local Area & Activity Highlights

Beer Tradition

Excellent beer is also brewed here. There are more than 270 breweries in the vicinity of Nuremberg. The city is known for its famous red beer. The brew is served in rustic inns and goes incredibly well with the most well-known dish of the region, the Nuremberg Bratwurst, which is typically enjoyed with sauerkraut.


Nuremberg is nestled in a truly inviting landscape. The city is surrounded by rolling hills. The Franconian Switzerland, a low mountain range whose mountains reach a height of up to 600 m, spans to the north of Nuremberg. There thrives the franconian grapevine, which is later sold all over Germany.

Franconian Metropolis

Today, Nuremberg is a lively city with a unique historic flair due to its almost 1.000-year-old history. Shopping fans will find a wide array of shops and boutiques, and not only in the Old Town. Everything can be conveniently reached on foot from the train station, above all, the world-famous Christmas market, which attracts and entertains thousands of tourists every year.

Family and Children's Activities

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Smart Room

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Take an intellectual adventure in teams of 2-5 people! Test your skills at solving challenging tasks! Investigate a case of murder, unravel your teacher’s secret or try to wake up Alice in Wonderland.

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Schwarzlichtfabrik 3D Minigolf

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This colorful interactive Mini golf Match brings you into an amazing hand drawing, crazy neon fantasy landscape. 18 extraordinary obstacles promise fun for old and young.

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Escape Agency

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The first Escape The Room game in Nuremberg offers exactly what you are looking for. Locked in a room, the race against time begins!

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ExitGames Nurnberg

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Our Live Escape Games are a unique experience for friends or family outings, birthdays, bachelorette parties, company outings and many more occasions.

Local Attractions

Imperial Castle of Nuremberg

Auf Der Burg 13

0.6 miles from hotel


2.4 miles from hotel

Johannisfriedhof Nurnberg

1.9 miles from hotel

Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelaende

2.4 miles from hotel

St. Lorenz Church

0.2 miles from hotel

Kaiserburg Nurnberg

1.9 miles from hotel


2.4 miles from hotel

St. Sebald

1.6 miles from hotel


1.2 miles from hotel

Nuremberg Trial Courthouse

1.9 miles from hotel

Nuremberg Christmas Market

1.6 miles from hotel

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