Arrive with an appetite and indulge in bold, creative, and experiential dining moments, designed to ignite your senses and create lasting memories. Whether you're craving the authentic sushi and sake experience at our Asian restaurant, ENSÕ, or seeking unique Mediterranean delights at MESH, we have something to satisfy every palate.

Alcohol Policy
No Alcoholic Beverage is permitted to be brought in from outside the property.

At This Hotel




Eat, Mix, and Mingle at MESH all day dining, where time dances to its own beat. Immerse yourself in the dynamic vibe of this distinct Mediterranean eatery. Fresh, local ingredients for every meal – be it business or pleasure.

6:30 AM-11:00 AM, 12:30 PM-4:00 PM, 6:30 PM-9:00 PM



Embark on a pan-Asian odyssey at ENSÕ. Delight in signature dishes from Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia. Savor dynamite shrimps, sushi platters, bao buns, letting the culinary adventure into exceptional tastes in a indoor and outdoor setting.

Open for Dinner



Escape to AURA, where Petra-inspired décor meets sports flair in a semi-private lounge. Sip on signature cocktails and relish tantalizing bites. Unwind in our exclusive lounge, an experience that is endlessly captivating, always leaving you wanting more.

Open for Dinner
Lobby Seating Area

Living Room


When you arrive at W Amman, let our Welcome Ambassadors take your bags as you head to the Living Room bar. Chill out with a cocktail and wait for the rest of your entourage. Our curated, cubic-style space is the place to see and be seen in Amman.

7:00 AM-12:30 AM

WET Deck


Immerse yourself in the ambiance at WET® Deck, our outdoor terrace. Indulge in light bites, expertly crafted drinks, and unparalleled panoramic views of Al- Abdali. Your journey into the extraordinary begins here.

9:00 AM-6:00 PM


Em Sherif Café

0.6 KM

Bringing a taste of home through refined Lebanese cuisine.

JR Wine Experience

0.9 KM

Let the wine experts introduce you to a world of flavors and aromas.

Habib Beirut

0.9 KM

Authentic Lebanese food cooked with passion and a twist overlooking the Boulevard spine.


2.7 KM

Indulge in international cuisine with a modern twist at Vinaigrette, featuring a live sushi bar.
Karam Beirut

3.3 KM

A place where people could flock to taste their traditional Lebanese recipes passed on from generation to generation.


3.3 KM

A taste of Italy in Amman's heart, with homemade recipes and an extensive wine list, all in a captivating fine dining ambiance.


3.3 KM

Discover the fusion of tradition and modernity at VEER in Amman, a vibrant home away from home.
Biet Sitti

3.7 KM

Housed in a quintessentially Ammani home, overlooking the citadel and Ummayad Palace, we are focused on producing a contemporary local cuisine inspired by the craft, produce and culture of our region.

3.8 KM

Majdoline brings you the traditional and modern flavors of the long-loved Lebanese cuisine to the heart of Amman as you enjoy a wide selection of delicacies from the Lebanese kitchen.


4.5 KM

Inspired by the goddess of rivers, our chic haven features vibrant décor, ancient artifacts, and a fusion of Middle Eastern and Levantine coastal flavors.


4.5 KM

Panoramic views, an open kitchen, and curated cocktails await. Elevate your senses above the city lights – where culinary excellence meets breathtaking views.


4.5 KM

A hidden gem in Amman’s finest garden. Indulge in exquisite French, Italian, and Californian delights.

St. Regis Bar

4.5 KM

A celebrated spot for business and leisure. Savor your tastebuds while feasting your eyes on the 24k gold mosaic mural blending heritage and Arabian culture.


5.0 KM

Experience Jordanian cuisine at Sufra, offering a variety of homemade dishes in a charming setting on Rainbow Street.
Shams El Ballad

5.1 KM

A restaurant inspired by the city it lives in and the people that comprise it. Housed in a quintessentially Ammani home, overlooking the citadel and Ummayad Palace, we are focused on producing a contemporary local cuisine.

Bar In The Back

5.1 KM

Amman's top wine and spirits merchant since 1954. With 1700+ global products, expert sommelier advice, and a Bar in the Back for dining.

5.8 KM

Tannoureen has established itself as one of the finest restaurants in Jordan, known for its quality food, excellent service, and warm atmosphere that proudly honors the Arab World’s finest in artists and cultural icons.


5.8 KM

Savor modern Levantine cuisine with a view, where Chef Ali Ghzawi's dishes are inspired by his childhood memories.
Haret Jdudna

38.2 KM

Haret Jdoudna is a place where time seizes to exist, bringing together the past, present and future of an ancient city, Madaba. It is perceived as a well-known landmark and one of the best restaurants in Jordan.

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