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It continues an intrinsic heritage of acceptance, generosity and can dor that does justice to Berlin's most beautiful city square. Our 5 star hotel is conveniently located in Friedrichstadt, Berlin and offers guests a glimpse into the elegant, deep-blue world of Prussia's legacy. 75 restful rooms and 17 exclusive suites offer a balance of formality and a sense of freedom. The strategically chosen location opposite the French Dom showcases the grandeur of Berlin, while the architectural ensemble of the Konzerthaus and the Deutscher Dom across the square serve as a reminder of Prussian religious tolerance and humility. Worried about leaving your furry friends behind. Bring them along. Our hotel is pet friendly and welcomes trained pets. This candor flows throughout the entire luxury hotel, inspiring the interior design, the gastronomy, and the overall philosophy. With this approach in mind, the Hotel Luc reinvents a contemporary Prussian way of life with local ease.

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A World of Deep Prussian Blue

Rooms & Suites

Prussian Heritage

Freedom Beckons from Behind a Stern Façade

Prussia recalls an image of industriousness, severity, and a military past. But there’s more to that story: the search for personal freedom is deeply rooted in Prussian virtues. This concept moves us still today. King Fredrick I gave religious freedom to the persecuted Huguenots. Frederick the Great brought character to state leadership, with his frivolity, irony, and wit; rumors of his passionate personal life still linger. But where Prussian virtues prevail, the obverse is never far off. We find that inspiring. We embrace our history by playing with the fields of conflict that define yesterday and today – and we do so with wit. The Hotel Luc proudly bears the affectionate, albeit teasing, nickname of Frederick the Great – given to him by none other than his close confidante Voltaire. Prussia was both clear and free, and today, Berlin wants to reclaim that image.

The bust of Frederick the Great on ground floor

Grandeur and Generosity in Historic Berlin

The Gendarmenmarkt is truly the most magnificent city square in Berlin. It’s here where the capital city shows off its historical elegance and timeless cosmopolitanism. One of the oldest town centers in Berlin, the great ideas and original city planning of King Fredrick I can still be seen and felt here. The Friedrichstadt – now standing amidst a vast modern city – was built on a strictly geometric grid. A central square bordered by spacious paths, it once served as an area of intrinsic importance with the Gendarmenmarkt at the heart. The city square itself serves as a reminder of a historical stance on unity. Come take in the grandeur of The Französische Dom, the Konzerthaus and the Deutscher Dom in their symbolic reconciliation of different faiths and worldly pleasures. These buildings stand united, rich in the history of Prussian austerity, tolerance, and generosity.

The Contemporary Friedrichstadt

An Alternative to Berlin’s Chaotic Charm

Upscale, yet understated elegance framed by classic beauty: that’s what visitors to the Gendarmenmarkt will find here. Berlin's Mitte district offers high-quality gastronomy and shops where the historic monuments and buildings of Prussia’s past are just a short stroll away. The Gendarmenmarkt itself attracts with open-air festivals in the summer and an atmospheric Christmas market in the winter.

Luc King Suite Breakfast with view

The Best of Prussia

The Iconic Spud

The iconic history of the potato plays a special role in the Hotel Luc. It welcomes guests from its bed of white porcelain, direct from the legendary Royal Porcelain Manufactory. King Fredrick I, better known as Old Fritz to the people of Prussia, made the potato something great: he gave a starving nation a simple solution. But the potato didn’t gain its popularity immediately. The people of Prussia found them dirty and tasteless. However, in a fashion of true Prussian order, a Potato Ordinance spread throughout the land. A rumored reputation as the “new royal vegetable” gave it the aura of elegance and charm it needed to launch a legacy of adoration. Lunch at Luc proves just how much flavor and variety exists in potatoes today. Take a curious look around while you stay with us, because the potato – sometimes simple, sometimes gilded in precious metal – is full of surprises. It gives us an opportunity to playfully integrate our heritage into your experience.

The potatoe command by Frederick the Great.
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The potatoe command by Frederick the Great.

Potato Edict at Hotel Luc

Centuries ago, it gave a starving nation a simple solution to hunger. Today, it serves as a deliciously beloved culinary staple. There is so much goodness in something so simple; a reason for us to be proud that we Germans are often jokingly referred to as potatoes – or Kartoffel – across the globe. We have Fredrick the Great to thank for that.


Art That Plays a Role in Past and Present

Large format photography adorns the halls of the Hotel Luc, creating a balance between austerity and freedom, and between the 18th century and today. Found on every floor, these images combine three key elements: a love for Berlin, an understanding of Prussian history, and a surprisingly contemporary juxtaposition. We invite you to take a look around: each one offers a different reading of our ambiguous past.

Luc Breakfast

Sleep In… in Berlin

The city of Berlin thrives on a feeling of freedom. Strictly scheduled mealtimes have no place here. That's why we offer our guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy breakfast at their own pace, any time before 3 p.m. Always fresh. Always individual. We prefer it à la carte; the Prussians certainly would’ve too. So moral, so beautiful, and yet so carefree.

Arrival Information
If you are arriving by Subway/U-Bahn, kindly take the U2 and U6 lines to the "Stadtmitte" station or the U5 and U6 lines to the "Unter den Linden" station. Follow the signs for "Charlottenstraße" on the platforms leading to the exits. The hotel is just a short distance from there.


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