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Dining at Domes of Corfu, Autograph Collection


Impossibly fresh ingredients, creative Greek and international cuisine, authentic local dishes, and contemporary gastronomy trends: from elevated takes on familiar comfort foods to edgy creations for culinary adventurers, dining at Domes Of Corfu is a celebration of flavours and aromas, of the island’s rich history and heritage, and of the Mediterranean’s bountiful seas and fertile soils. Choosing only the best, freshest ingredients every day, our master chefs create a tantalising array of delicious options to suit every moment and every appetite. From the simplest nibble to the most elaborate degustation menu, we treat every dining occasion as a feast for the senses, an opportunity to rediscover the pure joy of good food.

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AGORA: A Veritable Hub of Flavors & Delights

Inspired by the ancient Greek tradition of the agora assembly, the Agora restaurant is a true culinary hub, luring you to discover an oasis of flavors. Indulge in various treats and dishes that will surely amaze even the most demanding palates.

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FROURIO: Dining in Great Culinary Tradition

A fine dining experience stands guard over Corfiot culinary tradition. The frourio restaurant is an ode to the Italian influence in local cuisine. Join us in this delightful recital of greek-Italian mastery.

Sunset, Beach

Topos: Taste the Essence of Greek Summer

Flavors of the sea take the lead at Topos restaurant. The seaside setup fully serves its purpose to provide both mouthwatering revelations and mesmerizing sea views. Modern decor at its finest, with a minimalistic approach, will leave you relaxed and embracing yet another, exquisite culinary experience.

A Gastro Take On Favorite Street Eats


Recreating the buzz around the beloved Corfiot landmark, Domes of Corfu curated our very own Spianada vibe, with a vibrant setup of food trucks, snack stands with delicious gourmet street food options, greek mezedes, and a variety of fun treats and drinks.

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At This Hotel

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Agora Buffet Restaurant


International Mediterranean cuisine

Open for breakfast and dinner
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Frourio a la carte restaurant


Italian a la carte restaurant with a Greek twist

Open for Dinner
Topos Restaurant logo

Topos Beach Restaurant


Grilled seafood restaurant (Greek)

Open for lunch and dinner

Spianada Food Market


A cultural hub with a bustling food market, consisting of 3 different venues: Italian Trattoria, a tribute to Italy and the Mediterranean, a healthy 3in1 street food truck with cevicheria, susheria & pokeria, and Honaki artisanal ice cream and desserts.

Open for lunch and dinner