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Sapphire waters, emerald shores... no wonder Corfu is the crown jewel of the Greek islands. Steeped in myth, with a fascinating history and a rich and diverse cultural heritage, Corfu is as intriguing as she is beautiful, justly called the great seductress of the Mediterranean. Treat yourself to the ultimate VIP experience, your ticket to the indulgent holiday you deserve. Make the most of your time on this beautiful island and explore the fault lines between myth, history, and culture with our curated selection of bespoke experiences and signature concepts.

On-Site Outlets
spa treatment bed

Soma Spa

Soma Spa is a temple of wellness, beauty and balance.

Domes of Corfu gym

Fitness Center

A fully equipped gym

swiming pool sunbeds umbrellas plants wall


Main Family Pool


Towels provided

Adults Pool


Kids Splash Pool


Children's Pool

Reception Spa Lobby Plants Decor

Soma Spa

Drawing its inspiration from Corfu’s mythical tales and breathtaking natural landscape, Soma spa is a beacon of mindfulness and relaxation. Your very own sanctuary of tranquility and rejuvenation offers the chance to unwind and submerge into a world of wellness.

Gym treadmills fitness balls weights

Gym Pavilion

Whether you wish to maintain your workout schedule, achieve wellness goals or simply re-energize during your holidays, Domes of Corfu provides the best outdoor spots to exercise under the bright blue Corfiot sky or in our state-of-the-art Gym Pavillion.

Guest Room - Balcony

Wine & Olive Oil Tasting

Two of the most iconic products the Greek land can offer are wine and olives. Delight yourself with a series of the purest olive oil, and most refined wines as you enter the world of Greek mastery. Top-quality olives and grapes, lead the way and take you on a journey of Corfiot methods and techniques that date back ages.

Corfu trail walking

Corfu Thematic Walking Tours

Explore the splendor of Corfu through our carefully designed thematic walking tours. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Corfu has a glorious past filled with various influences from predecessors such as the Venetians, the British, the Jews, and the French, that give the island an extraordinary cultural identity. Be part of the astounding history, learn about the island’s evolution, and mingle with locals.

Corfu beaches

Island Hopping

An activity for all adventure seekers, unstoppable explorers, and true thalassophiles. Our island-hopping tour offers the opportunity to set your tailor-made course, and explore magnificent coves, only accessible by boat, charming villages, and breathtaking beaches. A true delight for all sea lovers, this tour will leave you inspired, and overflowing with memories of majestic scenery.

tables armchairs beachfront view

CORE: A Vibrant Cultural Hub

Our very own Spianada, with a vibrant setup of food trucks, snack stands with delicious gourmet street food, greek appetizers, and a variety of fun treats and drinks. Browse pop-up stores with hand-picked designer items, accessories, and local art. On top of all the amazing culinary and retail options, be prepared to witness a series of fascinating happenings featuring new artists, local artisans, and more!

Corfu Thematic Walking Tours

Our Signature Tours Include

  1. The British Empire Tour
  2. La Serenissima Tour
  3. Made of Lush Gardens, Ancient Memories, and the Setting Sun
  4. This is Corfu
  5. Bits of history and bites of local delicacies
  6. The ancient Olive tree, the root beer, and the kumquat
  7. Venetian Grace, French Finesse and many many Spices

Passion for Hyperlocality

Our main goal is to constantly showcase our love and appreciation for local culinary wealth. We partner with local farmers, fishermen, and chefs to reveal for you their deep knowledge and mastery. Native artisans of taste, source local, organic and seasonal ingredients, daily. We strive to fuse locality with timelessness and create the newest, exhilarating culinary experiences for our travelers.

greek salad olive oil plate

Family Moments - Signature Concepts

Family Fun in the Sun: The Magical Moments That Matter Most

Family moments that last, are exactly what we aim to provide. Our beloved young heroes will get to enjoy a dedicated splash pool, wholesome summer mischief, and sand castle building on our private beach with many more games and activities under the sun. A family pool awaits countless hours of joy, along with activities like snorkeling, exploring the beach, or trying out exhilarating watersports for the entire family.

Building Exterior

Family Moments - Signature Concepts

KiEpos: A World of Fun for Young Adventurers

KiEpos ‘Kee-pos is a brand new eco-conscious concept brought to you by Domes Resorts, specially curated for our young guests. Planting, decorating, and learning all about veggies, insects and flowers under the guidance of our experts, will cultivate knowledge and awareness regarding the importance of sustainability in our lives, The children will transform into young growers, who will truly understand the significance of eco-responsibility.

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