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Create Memories at Domes Miramare Corfu


Domes Miramare team has handpicked exclusively for our guests the best of what Corfu has to offer. We want to enable you to seize the day and ensure that your stay in Corfu is truly magical. A bespoke itinerary with tailor-made experiences and activities so that you experience something authentic and out of the ordinary and create memories that you will cherish forever.

On-Site Outlets
Soma Spa Reception Desk

Soma Spa

An homage to wellness and self-care, it borrows favorite features of all the Domes Soma Spas creating the largest in size of our collection with modern luxury, sensual mood lighting, and therapeutic, soothing music.Resembling an ancient Greek bath.

Domes Miramare Corfu‎ Gym

Fitness Center

sun loungers in front of a pool and pool bar


Seafront Wing Swimming Pool

Mon-Sun: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM


Towels provided

Lifeguard on Duty

Panoramic Wing Swimming Pool

Mon-Sun: 10:00 AM-6:00 AM


Towels provided

Lifeguard on Duty

Signature Concepts — Be Epicurean

Daily Epicurean Moments

Domes Miramare has prepared the most authentic coffee experience that will surely impress even the most demanding taste buds. Every evening you will get the chance to witness the most iconic coffee brewing ritual in hot sand, that of the Greek coffee, also known as ellinikos kafes. This centuries-old brewing tradition will travel you through time, back to when everything was simpler and so very pure. A collection of fresh sweet creations and local delicacies by our executive chef will accompany your every sip of freshly brewed Greek coffee and carry you into a world of brand new, mouthwatering flavors.

Daily Epicurean moments

Signature Concepts — Be Epicurean

Epicurean Journeys

Dome’s never-ending love for hyperlocality takes guests on an extraordinary journey. Enjoy exclusive front-row seats to the most exciting and tasty backstage action. Learn all about our culinary treasures with Domes Miramare’s executive chef as your dedicated guide, walking you through a memorable, eye-opening experience in the world of fresh ingredients and flawless techniques. Experience your every meal coming to life, while you mingle with local producers, fishermen, and other masters of their kind and witness the processes of bringing food from sea and farm, straight to your table.

greek coffee served with traditional delights

Outdoor Reconnection

Whether you wish to maintain your workout schedule or simply re-energize during your holidays, personal trainers will guide you as you achieve your fitness goals, Domes Miramare provides a state of the art gym extending outdoors, onto a waterfront lawn under the bright blue Corfiot sky. ideal for unprecedented tranquil aqua yoga and sunrise meditation sessions.

yoga session by the beachfront

Meet the Governor

Delight yourself with a tasting of the purest olive oil one can find in the world, as you enter the realm of acclaimed Greek mastery, on this revealing tour. The Dafnis Family has produced The Governor Olive Oil for three generations. This olive oil label sets the example for olive producers and maintains a tremendous history, truly worth sharing. Top-quality olives of the lianolia variety, lead the way as you embark on a journey discovering extraordinary traditional methods and techniques that date back ages.

Governor olive oil tasting

Corfu Thematic Walking Tours

Explore the splendor of Corfu through our carefully designed thematic walking tours. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Corfu has a glorious past filled with various influences from predecessors such as the Venetians, the British, the Jews, and the French, that give the island an extraordinary cultural identity. Be part of the astounding history, learn about the island’s evolution, and mingle with locals while you take in all the aromas and flavors. Uncover Corfu’s true identity through thematic walks, designed by top experts of their kind, and submerge into this Corfiot cultural oasis. Our signature tours include 1) The British Empire Tour; 2) La Seranissima Tour; 3) Made of Lush Gardens, Ancient Memories, and the Setting Sun; 4) This is Corfu; 5) Bits of history and bites of local delicacies; 6) The ancient Olive tree, the root beer and the kumquat; and 7) Venetian Grace, French Finesse and many many Spices.

Corfu Old Town
Tailor Made Experiences
Art Gallery

Art Place (Loudos Gallery)

The proud home of an astonishing collection of artwork, Loudos Gallery, is a must-visit spot for all art lovers. In addition to the permanent art exhibition, the gallery hosts a series of touring exhibitions of local and international artists, along with sophisticated cultural events and social happenings such as the recent Maria Kallas exhibit.

Painting Masterclass

Painting Masterclass at Seafront Olive Grove

Award-winning, international painter Spiros Gelekas gives beginner and seasoned artists alike, the opportunity to create your very own artwork. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, stand before a blank canvas full of endless possibility, in a two-hour masterclass under the centuries-old olive trees. In the majestic presence of this ancient, calm bay, lies your chance to gain once-in-a-lifetime knowledge.

a woman playing the flute on a garden setting

A Celebration of Music

Each day at Domes Miramare is a musical journey. As you walk past our lobby you will hear the harmonious melodies of our pianist, performing live. Corfu also carries a tradition in Jazz and is home to the most renowned Jazz Academy orchestra in Greece. Smaller ensembles from the Academy use the hotel’s various venues and lounges to perform in preparation for the yearly Corfu World Jazz Festival in October.

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