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Welcome to Domes Miramare, a Luxury Collection Resort, Corfu

Domes Miramare Corfu, an adults-only seafront luxury resort

Being yourself is the ultimate luxury. Especially when you’re experiencing it in a serene, relaxed and elegant adults-only 16+ resort! Domes Miramare Corfu is the new, fascinating chapter in the story of one of modern Greece’s most iconic buildings, designed by Charalambos Sfaellos and once owned by the Onassis family. After the recent multimillion pound renovation, Domes Miramare Corfu is true to the spirit of authentic hospitality and luxury experiences of the Domes Resorts family. It is an elegant seafront oasis with rooms, suites and villas, for those who seek a luxurious getaway from the ordinary. Renovated with refined natural materials and decorated with contemporary art pieces, this beachfront resort is a legendary amalgamation of opulent style and design, set in an authentic Mediterranean landscape!

Retreats, Suites, Pavilions & Villas

A seaside haven awaits, housed comfortably in sleek retreats, suites and superb Corfu villas.

Heritage & Legacy

A Tranquil Paradise Reserved for the Very Few

A destination meant for thrill-seekers, true connoisseurs, and passionate globetrotters. Miramare is a place of uncanny luxury and refinement. It was the elite summer getaway of international jet setters of the ’60s, Onassis, Maria Kallas, and esteemed royalty. Relive the allure of a magical era, with all its aristocratic aesthetic, lavish dining and entertainment, and high-class service. Century-old olive groves and well-groomed verdant gardens invite you to enjoy long barefoot walks across the shoreline and take in all the extraordinary energy emanating from the grounds.

a man and a woman enjoying their drinks onboard

Corfu — A Cosmopolitan Gem

With its vivid history of conquerors from glorious civilizations, Corfu is without a doubt a passage through time. From the Ancient Greeks and Romans to the Venetians, the British Empire, and even Napoleon, the cobblestone streets of this Ionian gem are paved with the marks of their predecessors. Elegant and mystical, it has attracted cosmopolitans with its chic wine bars and Greek-Italian gourmet restaurants as well as its popular hotspots Canal d’ amour and Achillion Palace. Abundant with natural beauty and cultural wonders, picture-perfect spots bursting with stories anticipate your visit.

Corfu Old Town

Commitment to Clean

As we welcome you back to our hotels around the world, we are committed to providing you with a safe environment that aligns with expert protocols for working to defeat COVID-19. Click to see updates and learn more about what to expect at our hotel.

Unique Experiences
yoga session by the beachfront

Outdoor Reconnection

Whether you wish to maintain your workout schedule or simply re-energize during your holidays, personal trainers will guide you as you achieve your fitness goals, Domes Miramare provides a state of the art gym extending outdoors, onto a waterfront lawn under the bright blue Corfiot sky. ideal for unprecedented tranquil aqua yoga and sunrise meditation sessions.

a boat ride

The Miramaretta Speedboat

Ideal for adventure seekers, cosmopolitan explorers, and true thalassophiles, our Miramaretta speedboat offers the opportunity to set your tailor-made course and explore all Corfu has to offer. Uncover magnificent coves, only accessible by boat, view historic Villas such as the Regal Mon Repo, charming villages, and secret beaches. A true delight for sea lovers and jet setters alike.

Governor olive oil tasting

Meet the Governor

Delight yourself with a tasting of the purest olive oil one can find in the world, as you enter the realm of acclaimed greek mastery, on this revealing tour. The Dafnis Family has produced The Governor Olive Oil for three generations. This olive oil label sets the example for olive producers and maintains a tremendous history, truly worth sharing.

Corfu Old Town

Corfu Thematic Walking Tours

Explore the splendor of Corfu through our carefully designed thematic walking tours. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Corfu has a glorious past filled with various influences from predecessors such as the Venetians, the British, the Jews, and the French, that give the island an extraordinary cultural identity. Be part of the astounding history, learn about the island’s evolution, and mingle with locals.

Art Gallery

Art Place (Loudos Gallery)

The proud home of an astonishing collection of artwork, Loudos Gallery, is a must-visit spot for all art lovers. In addition to the permanent art exhibition, the gallery hosts a series of touring exhibitions of local and international artists, along with sophisticated cultural events and social happenings such as the recent Maria Kallas exhibit.

Painting Masterclass

Painting Masterclass at Seafront Olive Grove

Award-winning, international painter Spiros Gelekas gives beginner and seasoned artists alike, the opportunity to create your very own artwork. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, stand before a blank canvas full of endless possibility, in a two-hour masterclass under the centuries-old olive trees. In the majestic presence of this ancient, calm bay, lies your chance to gain once-in-a-lifetime knowledge.

Reserve your spot among the very few
Relive the excitement of the era of aristocracy in a glamorous, truly waterfront resort. Our concierge is standing by to arrange your ride to cosmopolitan old town Corfu with our luxury Miramaretta speedboat where reservations to the best open-air restaurants on the island await.
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Unique Experiences — Wellness

Signature Soma Spa — Ancient Ritual

Soma Spa is a beacon of mindfulness and relaxation. The spa area is carefully designed to accommodate both couple and individual treatments while remaining in sync with the surroundings. Inspired by the healing rituals of the ancient Greeks, enter your very own sanctuary of tranquility, rejuvenation, and transformation. Unwind and submerge into a waterfront world of self-care, and reflection.

woman having a tratment at the spa
woman entering the spa indoor pool
Soma Spa Reception Desk
Soma Spa Retail Shop

Neema ResortWear

Neema – The Greek word for thread that, according to myth, the Cretan princess Ariadne used to help Theseus escape the labyrinth of the Minotaur. A metaphor used to describe a new and stylish journey. Driven by the Domes passion for hyper Locality, Neema is a concept boutique that specializes in bringing guests the best in high end resort wear. As part of the Domes experience, our garment fashionistas team handpicks and showcases the latest in Island living fashion from conceptual Greek designers, well-known international brands, to independent upcoming artisans hidden away in the islands. Experience self-care and renewal with a new look, as you embrace the elements of Greek culture and lifestyle through fashion and one of a kind summer selects. Handcrafted from all organic cottons, deliciously soft silks and fragrant linens, standout with light, flowing resort wear ideal for taking in Mediterranean breezes.

Signature Concepts — Be Epicurean

Epicurean Journeys

Dome’s never-ending love for hyperlocality takes guests on an extraordinary journey. Enjoy exclusive front-row seats to the most exciting and tasty backstage action. Learn all about our culinary treasures with Domes Miramare’s executive chef as your dedicated guide, walking you through a memorable, eye-opening experience in the world of fresh ingredients and flawless techniques. Experience your every meal coming to life, while you mingle with local producers, fishermen, and other masters of their kind and witness the processes of bringing food from sea and farm, straight to your table.

greek coffee served with traditional delights

Signature Concepts — Be Epicurean

Daily Epicurean Moments

Domes Miramare has prepared the most authentic coffee experience that will surely impress even the most demanding taste buds. Every evening you will get the chance to witness the most iconic coffee brewing ritual in hot sand, that of the Greek coffee, also known as ellinikos kafes. This centuries-old brewing tradition will travel you through time, back to when everything was simpler and so very pure. A collection of fresh sweet creations and local delicacies by our executive chef will accompany your every sip of freshly brewed Greek coffee and carry you into a world of brand new, mouthwatering flavors.

Daily Epicurean moments
Reserve your spot among the very few
Relive the excitement of the era of aristocracy in a glamorous, truly waterfront resort. Our concierge is standing by to arrange your ride to cosmopolitan old town Corfu with our luxury Miramaretta speedboat where reservations to the best open-air restaurants on the island await.
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Domes Miramare, a Luxury Collection Resort, Corfu

Miramare Beach Moraitika, Corfu, Greece, 49100

Tel: +30 2661-440500

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Domes Miramare, a Luxury Collection Resort, Corfu