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Here at The Westin Rusutsu Resort, we offer multiple restaurants for you to sample during your stay in Hokkaido, Japan. Enjoy locally sourced ingredients, such as fresh vegetables and seafood, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the winter, join us at Atrium restaurant without taking off your ski boots.

At This Hotel


Japanese Restaurant Kazahana


Visit this restaurant for high-quality Japanese cuisine that combines local ingredients with seasonal tastes. This restaurant is open breakfast and dinner, bringing the perfect start and end to your day in Hokkaido, Japan.

5:30 PM-9:00 PM,7:00 AM-9:00 AM

Atrium (All-Day Dining)


Enjoy delicious cuisine and panoramic views of Hokkaido at Atrium, our all-day dining restaurant. An à la carte menu featuring locally sourced ingredients is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

11:00 AM-3:00 PM,5:30 PM-8:30 PM,6:30 AM-9:30 AM

Lobby Lounge Atrium


The Lobby Lounge Atrium serves masterfully crafted cocktails derived from a selection of fine ingredients sourced from Hokkaido providers, which are then fused into a unique combination of flavors.

10:00 AM-11:30 PM

Teppanyaki Kazahana


Reserve a seat at our Teppanyaki counter and enjoy some of the finest hibachi dining in Hokkaido. Watch our talented chefs prepare your dinner with their refined techniques, then taste the unique flavors of Japan.

5:30 PM-7:30 PM,8:00 PM-10:00 PM

In-Room Dining

We offer convenient room service for our resort guests. Find a wide variety of choices on the menu in your room.

Atrium sandwich.

Nearby Dining

Hokkaido Buffet Oktober Fest

.3 Miles

Eat to your heart's content at the Hokkaido Buffet Oktober Fest.
Italian Restaurant Costa Terrazza

.3 Miles

This restaurant serves Italian dishes with a bit of a Japanese influence.

The Red House Rusutsu

.4 Miles

Located in the Rusutsu Lodges, The Red House Rusutsu serves up a delightful mixture of Japanese and Western dishes, all made from fresh local ingredients.

Dining & Bar Big Fun

.5 Miles

Enjoy Japanese bar fare at Dining & Bar Big Fun. During the cold winter, this is a great spot for a steaming bowl of ramen, a warming drink and a fun round of billiards or darts with friends.
Rusutsu Izakaya Tampopo Shokudo

.6 Miles

This Japanese pub serves a variety of seafood and meat dishes.

Rodeo Drive

.7 Miles

The is a cozy restaurant that is well known for its whisky.

BBQ Restaurant Lamp House

.8 Miles

Enjoy the meat-centric menu at BBQ Restaurant Lamp House, offering a selection of specialty meats popular in the Hokkaido region. Served Japanese BBQ-style, raw meats are cooked by guests to their taste at the table.

Farm Restaurant Belle Vue

.9 Miles

Serving a beautiful blend of traditional Hokkaido and French flavors, Farm Restaurant Belle Vue uses a range of fresh local ingredients. Offering multi-course dinner services, this intimate restaurant is perfect for a special night out.

Japanese-Style Pub Kakashi

.9 Miles

If you're looking for a fun and lively evening, look no further than Japanese-Style Pub Kakashi. Serving a wide range of dishes and offering a good selection of beer, cocktails, sake and wine, this restaurant has something for everyone.