Boats floating in water with a waterfront hotel at the shore.

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Community

By nurturing our 'Aina and community, we aim to preserve Waikoloa and our cherished Island of Hawaii for generations to come.

Sourced Responsibly

Sustaining Responsible Operations:

Our sustainability efforts are rooted in strong Chef and Farmers relationships throughout the Island of Hawaii, and responsibly sourcing seafood, cage free eggs, and local meats. We are proud to work with the following farms and fisheries: J.A. Farms, Rincon Family Farms, Hawaii Ulu Cooperative, Mana Road Farms, Big Island Goat Dairy, Early Farms, Kawamata Farms, Kamuela Cukes, Maiau Farms, Hāmākua Mushrooms, Island Harvest, Lone Palm Farms, Big Island Bees, Nolan Hing, Hilo Products Inc., Adaptations Organic Farms, Big Island Abalone, Kona Cold Lobsters, Kona Fish Co., and Blue Ocean Mariculture.

Two people standing on a farm in front of a large feild of crops.

Sustaining Responsible Operations:

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and have taken measures in water reduction, saving hundreds of gallons of water per day. Water bottle fill stations can be found in public areas and on each floor, these fill stations decrease wasted water by 100% compared to fountains and all guests are provided reusable water bottles upon check-in.

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Sustaining Responsible Operations:

Our food waste reduction initiative, via on-site composting, allows food to go back into the soil, decreasing our need for industrially manufactured and commercially transported fertilizer, while improving the ecological diversity and moisture retention of our soil. Other waste reduction initiatives include mulching 100% of tree trimmings and putting it back into our landscaping, this not only bypasses landfills, but increases our soil’s health and moisture retention.

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A plate of ahi tuna being served with a can over it.

Empower Through Opportunity

Hospitality is one of Hawaii’s largest industries; and we play an integral part in workplace development. We partner with local schools and nonprofits to ensure workplace readiness and access to opportunity, focusing on the youth of Hawaii Island that are interested in exploring the culinary arts.

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Welcome All & Advance Human Rights

Native Hawaiian cultural understanding is shared and celebrated through our various engagements, including complimentary educational guided tours of our surrounding fishponds and petroglyphs, hula and lei lessons, Native Hawaiian Healing Garden, Lei Day Festival with cultural workshops, and supporting the Waikoloa Foundation efforts.

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2022 Accomplishments

883 Volunteer Hours, 615 Volunteers, $27,906 Cash Donations, $56,450 In-Kind Donations and 99 Acts of Service