Mingle with the vibrant colors of a coral forest and the captivating array of aquatic wildlife in a world unlike any you will find on land. Located in the breathtaking North Ari Atoll, the W Maldives resort is set atop one of the best house reefs in the Maldives and offers this experience from anywhere on the resort. Jump in with your snorkeling or diving gear at any time and connect with this underwater paradise or book an off-island excursion to explore the area. Never boring, the Maldives is waiting for you come relax, explore and play.

On-Site Outlets
AWAY Spa aerial View


Visit our award-winning AWAY Spa at our Maldives Spa Resort. Tranquil yet sleek, relaxing yet invigorating — let our therapists lead you on a journey of bliss in one of our four private overwater treatment rooms with an unobstructed view of the ocean.



Work out overlooking the Indian Ocean any time you like.




Mon-Sun: 8:00 AM-6:00 PM


Towels provided


in villa jacuzzi plunge pool

Towels provided at whirlpool

Hit Escape and Fuel Yourself

Water sports in the Maldives are among the best in the world. If you are looking for a place where you are surrounded with turquoise waters and waves fueled with energy, then it’s time to grab your fins and head to WAVE – our in house water sports center.

Go windsurfing and enjoy the seaside winds over the turquoise clear waters. Explore the waters surrounding the resort or venture to the nearby uninhabited islands with a guided jet-ski tour on our Wave Runner Jet Ski. See a spot that you’d like to explore? Hop off your jet-ski and dive in to the water, it’s all waiting for you.

Craving for something a little more extraordinary? Escape from the world below and go parasailing. Our special parasail boat, Dream, and parachute will let you fly up above and glide in the sky as you take in views of the vibrant Maldivian islands and spectacular turquoise waters.

DOWN UNDER Dive Center

Satiate your deepest innermost scuba diving cravings at our prominent diving resort in Maldives. After exploring Maldives’ stunning landscape and azure waters, discover life beneath the surface and see a whole new world. Oozing with diversity and magnificent reefs, each dive will be unique and provide you with memories to last a lifetime. Experience the most popular diving sites you can find in Maldives by traveling on one of our liveaboard boats or by simply scuba diving in the neighboring house reefs. The liveaboard boats come fully equipped with diving gear, sports equipment, and professionally trained staff. So you can mingle and safely enjoy with some of the richest marine life in the world as you swim along with mantas, turtles, reef sharks, dolphins, and the biggest fish on earth - whale shark. The abundance of underwater caves, caverns, and overhangs ensures your dives are nothing short of a spectacle.

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Get Up Close And Personal

Maldives is home to some of the most vibrant and diverse marine life on the planet. With different topography at every site, every diving expedition and excursion is unique as no two reef sites are identical.

Majestic Whale Sharks

Hop aboard our ESCAPE yacht to one of the many dive sites on Ari Atoll. Get your equipment ready and dive or snorkel as you please in the company of the wondrous the Whale Shark. As the largest fish species, Whale Sharks can grow up to 40ft long. With high visibility in the Maldivian waters, you can get fairly close to these sharks and be in awe of their size as you gently swim alongside them.

Gentle Giant Rays

Often found near the popular dive sites, these harmless filter-feeders congregate in the Maldivian waters throughout the year. Unlike Whale Sharks, however, giant rays often swim in groups. So if you swim up to one, you will often see that a line of rays on its tail, seven or eight feet wide all pursuing plankton. Giant rays are not affected by your presence, allowing you to get as close as you wish while they swoop and spiral around you.

Rare Whales and Dolphins

Or, if you prefer to watch the beautiful creatures in their element, join one of the many dolphin or whale watching cruises. The Maldives is home to quite a few species of whales, including the Tropical Bottlenose Whale, which is deemed to be the rarest whale on the planet. If you’re lucky, you could also spot a pod of Killer Whales as you sail in luxury. On your dolphin watching excursion, witness the graceful Spinner and Fraser’s Dolphins swim and jump in excitement alongside the boat.

Hotel Activity Highlights

Snorkeling Information

The Maldives is a treasure trove for colourful marine life, making it the perfect location for Snorkeling and diving. With a world class house reef, W Maldives is revered as one of the best resorts for snorkeling in the Maldives.

Vibrant Underwater World

Jump into the crystal clear lagoon surrounding the resort to get a sight of the vibrant underwater world. Enjoy a spectacular snorkeling tour of our resort’s house reef with our resident marine biologist. Discover the secrets of our Maldivian reefs and get up close and personal with some of the most amazing aquatic creatures you’ve even seen.

Snorkel Hopping

Take on an adventure on your holiday in the Maldives with a night snorkeling trip, and see the vibrant marine life by night. To explore the wonders at different reefs, join us as we go on a snorkel hopping adventure by speedboat. New to snorkeling? Take our beginner’s course and opt for a guided tour of our house reef.

Snorkel With Glamour

For a glamorous and thrilling snorkeling experience on your holiday, look no further than ESCAPE, our fabulous 24 meter private yacht. Enjoy the snorkeling tour of a lifetime as you set sail to the south of Ari Atoll to snorkel and encounter the majestic whale shark.

Complimentary Snorkeling Gear

Our snorkeling gear is free for guests of the resort. Simply step into DOWN UNDER, our Diving Center, pick up your gear and jump right in.


Welcome the unlimited possibilities of a pristine little private island that is a stone’s throw from the W Maldives. Encounter the the wild and untouched paradise of a secluded island that is yours to discover. Book it for the perfect proposal, a romantic overnight stay in a villa under the stars, a special occasion with your loved ones and friends, or for group parties.

Gaathafushi W's Private Island

Gaathafushi Information

Feel The Luxury Of Seclusion

Taste a slice of true tropical living in our secluded island - untouched, pristine, and at your full disposal to use it however you please.

Private Island Escape

Reserve Gaathafushi and have this tropical playground completely to yourself. The island is yours for the day, or for an overnight ‘Robinson Crusoe’ experience. Indulge in exquisite serenity while exploring the surrounding silent lagoon or hang out on the signature W Bed under a thatched roof. Unwind like never before while your own private chef sets up a special candle light BBQ as the sun dips over the horizon. Live the Robinson Crusoe experience in luxury and wake up as the sun rises, with an innovative champagne breakfast cuisine awaiting you.

Spike It With Luxury

Choose from the following packages to see your very own private island fantasies come to life. For anything else, just ask. The island is yours and we will deliver whatever you want, whenever you want it! Desert Island Trip Half Day Desert Island Trip Full Day Private Dinner Under The Stars Dive and Relax Sunset cocktails Gaathafushi Overnight stay sleeping under the stars on Gaathafushi Dream Weddings on Gaathafushi.


Charter W Maldives’ own private yacht ESCAPE and sail over the sparkling waters of the Maldives into the sunset on the most romantic nautical getaway to experience the Indian Ocean like never before. Explore uninhabited islands and snorkel at countless breathtaking reefs to immerse yourself in the Maldives’ ever so diverse marine life. ESCAPE, the private luxury yacht is yours to guide as you please. For the glamorous, ESCAPE also plays host to overnight stays for your luxurious sailing adventures in the Maldives. Sail in style with two luxury cabins, hang out on the infinite sun deck and savor our chef's creative cuisine onboard as you sip champagne and take in the good life or to celebrate a special occasion on board.

Sunset cruise on Escape

Escape Information

Experiences On Escape

Sunset Cruise - The perfect trip to do if you like a breathtaking sunset at the end of a perfect day. While sailing into the sunset enjoy a glass of champagne and some nibbles.

Dinner on Escape - Your own private chef will be making magic in the galley by preparing your most favoured cuisine accompanied with the just the right glass of chilled wine on our luxury yacht 'Escape'.

Overnight Experience - When your wish is to encounter whale sharks we have to set course to the south of Ari Atoll which is an amazing adventure for divers and snorkelers. Maximum 2 couples as there are only 2 cabins.

Explore The Ocean In Style

Day charter/ part day - We cruise around within Ari Atoll which gives us a lot of choice to explore the area around us. Stop to local island and get a cultural tour, be secluded on a sandbank in the middle of the Indian ocean for some swimming, snorkeling or diving.

Airport transfer - Enjoy cruising from W to Male International airport, stopping on the way for snorkeling and indulging with your own private chech to have the best memory of your departure.

Features Of Escape

Length of 24 meters, beam of 6 meters and draft of 3 meters. Three sails – a main sail, a spanker and a jib and displaces 76 tons. Cruising at 8 knots.

The two luxury cabins each feature:

  • A King size bed, flat screen TV, DVD player

  • Bose sound system, IPod connections, touch night lamps

  • Portholes and ensuite luxury bathrooms tiled with Bizassa glass mosaic and feature Duravit washbasin

  • Axor shower with jumbo showerhead and 6-nozzle massage sprayjet handset, egg-shaped Alessi bidet and WC


Explore the lands and waters of the Maldives as well as its untouched beauty as you join W Maldives' signature excursions.

Glamorous Island Hopping

Hop between habited and inhabited islands on our traditional Dhoni boat, speedboat, or our luxury yacht ESCAPE. Mingle with the locals and experience the Maldivian lifestyle as residents go about their daily routine. Shop in the local markets, observe trade handling at the fish market, or indulge in the traditional cuisines. For those seeking a private island adventure, W Maldives’ very own neighboring island Gaathafushi, can be booked for half day, full day, or overnight trips to bring your private island fantasies to life.

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