Experiences at Our Spa Hotel in Osaka

Stay at our hotel with a pool in Osaka, near Universal Studios Japan, a must-visit theme park.

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AWAY SPA Reception Desk


Experience personalized pampering at AWAY Spa, where treatments are designed just for you. In our five inviting rooms, discover a sensory oasis with soothing colors, playful scents, and sustainable products. Your journey to relaxation begins here.



Embodying wellness as a way of life by balancing the energy.

Indoor pool


WET. Must be 16yrs old or above to use.

Mon-Sun: 6:30 AM-10:00 PM


Towels provided


Away Spa

Escape the ordinary at our AWAY Spa and make your rejuvenation extraordinary on your very own personal journey of relaxation and renewal. Wind down and disconnect to arise anew, rejuvenated and refreshed. Treat yourself to some extra TLC and let our massage therapists take care of the rest. Enjoy complete privacy in an extravagant layout of five treatment rooms, including a couple’s room at our spa hotel in Osaka.



Discover the perfect balance for your body at our exclusive FIT gym. With 24/7 access to premium equipment like treadmills, elliptical machines, sandbags, and yoga mats, you'll find everything you need to achieve your fitness goals. Energize your workouts and embrace a holistic approach to wellness that leaves you feeling strong, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer the day. At W, we're committed to helping you find your equilibrium, inside and out.

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Nearby Attractions

Fab Shopping Scene and Eccentric Nightlife

Osaka is where you'll get the very best of a fab city by experiencing Osaka in the unique W way. Nestled in the center of Shinsaibashi surrounded by high-end stores and only a stone toss away from vibrant Dotonbori, know as the heart of the city's nightlife and local dining scene.

Kitchen of the Nation

Osaka earned its name “Kitchen of the Nation” in the Edo era as Japan’s culinary capital and bloomed as a logistical and commercial epicenter of Japan. Osaka functioning as an exchange port for merchant’s, opened the nation to new ideas, culture and customs. Wander the streets of Dotonbori and indulge in mouth-watering street food such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki and kushi katsu.

Majestic Urban Landmark

Home to one of the most famous historic landmarks, the Osaka Castle still stands as a popular attraction through all seasons from the changing of the fall leaves to the blooming of the cherry blossoms surrounding the magnificent moat and stone walls. The iconic symbol of Osaka played an important role in the unification of Japan during the samurai era in the sixteenth century.

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