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If you are seeking a tranquil retreat, JW Marriott Phu Quoc - a unique university-themed resort - could be the haven you need. Embrace the pristine beauty of our picturesque island and spend time nourishing your mind and body through many refreshing activities such as yoga session on the water and the cycling class. Savor your stay at JW Marriott Phu Quoc, where a blend of relaxation and excitement awaits in this academic-inspired paradise.

Signature Experiences

Serene Space

In the quiet corners of our resort lies Serene Spaces, a haven for mindful reflection. Here, you can breathe deeply, fully embracing the here and now and focus on what matters most. It's more than just a relaxing spot; it's a rejuvenation oasis.

Rue de Lamarck

Lamarck University Tour

Embark on a captivating journey through time at JW Marriott Phu Quoc, a resort reborn from the historic Lamarck University. Immerse yourself in a blend of modern luxury and the allure of yesteryears' academia through our university tour, discover unique structures steeped in mysterious tales, and delve into the fascinating departments that are now transformed into elegant accommodations and vibrant facilities.

Lantern Workshop

Lantern Room

If you ever want to design a lantern in your own style, here is the Hoi An latern-making workshop. Join, engage with talented artisans, and let yourself discover the art of creating an authentic lantern and craft a unique gift with your personal touch for your loved ones. Come, discover the artist within you and make memories illuminated by creativity.

Family by JW

Explore 'Family by JW,' a global JW Marriott initiative promoting family bonding activities. With a focus on culinary, culture, and well-being, the program offers family-oriented programs like kids' cooking classes and the 'Family by JW' menu set. Tailored for children aged five to twelve, it encourages quality family time, leaving lasting memories. Explore more to see how you can cherish these meaningful family connections through enriching experiences at JW Marriott Phu Quoc.

 Turquoise Suite bed

Daily Resort Activities

Here at JW Marriott Phu Quoc, we design a great deal of daily activities for the guests to experience just like a university does to their students. Discover more to see what moments of joy, adventure, and relaxation are awaiting you during your stay with us.


Kids' Club

At our Kids' Club, every day brings new adventures with craft activities and workshops, igniting your little ones' imagination. Culinary experiences await with hands-on activities, and our attentive nanny service ensures a carefree stay for parents. With direct access to the Kids' Pool, where water activities abound, your little ones will make cherished memories in a safe and playful environment.

Kids Activities
On-Site Outlets
Experience a Luxurious & romantic SPA by JW
Unwind at our Chanterelle - Spa by JW and indulge in our signature treatments that will help you to calm, invigorate, indulge and renew your senses. Enjoy a luxurious and romantic experience with your partner by experiencing our signature and exclusive Lesson of Love therapy.
Chanterelle - Spa by JW

Chanterelle - Spa by JW

Balance mind and body with the soothing rhythms of Phu Quoc at the Chanterelle - Spa by JW. Nourish your well-being with relaxing resort pools and a full menu of locally inspired massage, beauty and luxury wellness therapies.

Student Actvities
Enjoy amazing fun filled activities for adults and children organised by our recreation team. Take advantage of the of our water activities and enjoy an amazing time on our kayaks and surf boards on the pristine private beach.
Fitness Center - Department of Gymnasium

Department of Physical Education

Play your way through our fitness center with modern equipment's and unique recreational activities.


Shell Pool

Mon-Sun: 6:30 AM-6:30 PM


Towels provided

Lifeguard on Duty

Sun Pool (Adult Only)

Mon-Sun: 6:30 AM-6:30 PM


Towels provided

Lifeguard on Duty

Sand Pool

Mon-Sun: 6:30 AM-6:30 PM


Towels provided

Lifeguard on Duty

Children's Pool

Spa Menu

Curated Well-Being Treatments

Invigorate. Indulge. Renew. At Chanterelle - Spa by JW, it's all about the moments you never expect. Discover our curated menu of therapies and treatments, herbal-infused and natural-inspired, with signature treatments like 'Sports Therapy 1970's', 'Mushroom Herbal Mycology' or 'Khem Beach Sheel Massage."

Two guests enjoying tea at Chanterelle Spa by JW
Discover Southern Phu Quoc
Panorama of Sunset Town with clock tower, Kiss Bri

Sunset Town

Inspired by Mediterranean architecture, Sunset Town is a feast for the eyes with a harmonizing color palette of brick red, charming hues of orange, and the turquoise blue of the sky and ocean. Take a walk along the town - as there are a lot of hidden spots awaiting your camera's snaps.

Landscape photo of  Kiss Bridge with a couple

Kiss Bridge

Experience the breathtaking sunset views from the new and iconic Kiss Bridge, where the setting sun perfectly aligns between two overhanging bridges. Enjoy complimentary access throughout the day (tickets will be required from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM every day.)

Kiss Of The Sea water music show with light and fi

Kiss of the Sea Show

A mesmerizing multimedia show that offers a captivating evening entertainment experience. Show time starts at 9:00 PM daily (except Tuesday), and caps off with a 5-minute firework performance boasting over the sky of Sunset Town.

Large cable car crossing the sea to the green Hon

Hon Thom Cable Car

Opening from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily, Hon Thom Cable Car is the world's longest ocean-crossing cable car that grants panoramic views of the stunning An Thoi Archipelago.

A cozy and bustling night market beside the beach

Vuifest Bazaar

From 4:00 PM till late at night, explore an exciting cultural exchange with more than 40 kiosks of multi-cuisine street food, cocktail bars, and local handcrafted souvenirs, complemented by creative street musical performances.

Discover Resort Virtual Tour
Enjoy a virtual tour of JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort and Spa to book your next holiday in luxury resort on Phu Quoc Island.
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