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"The Market" - 24/7 food and beverage pantry


The Residence Inn Sarajevo offers a wide variety of frozen goods, savory and sweet, bottled drinks and snacks such as cookies, chips, chewing gum and much more at the Market. You'll find it next to the Reception desk.



.1 KM

Enjoy the unique decoration, eat tasty food and listen to local and international music.


.3 KM

Enjoy a meal and drink in this contemporary restaurant and wine cellar.

Mala kuhinja

.4 KM

A light conversation with the chef, slow music in the background and the abundance of different aromas create a memorable experience.


.6 KM

One of the smallest restaurants in Sarajevo, yet limitation of space does not make it a place of limited pleasures.

The 4 Rooms of Mrs. Safija

.7 KM

Comprised of restaurant, a wine and cocktail bar, a lounge, and a flower-filled summer garden. The venue offers an unforgettable ambience which celebrates the legend of a forbidden love affair.


.7 KM

A place to have your coffee, a place to drink, a place to enjoy food.

Aščinica ASDŽ

.7 KM

Savor the traditional Bosnian cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere in the heart of the Old Town.