At This Hotel

Chef's Theatre


Sample the bold, fresh flavors of Parisian gastronomy in Minato City, Tokyo. Chef's Theatre, our 101-seat French restaurant, reimagines European dishes using the finest Japanese ingredients to tempt your taste buds with delightful fusion cuisine.

Open for breakfast,lunch and dinner



A popular destination for both hotel guests and residents of Tokyo and Minato, our trendy downtown bar invites you to indulge your senses with handcrafted cocktails, specialty Japanese Sarutahiko coffee and contemporary tunes.

Open for lunch and dinner



Our terrace restaurant in Minato City showcases exclusive, Miyazaki-branded beef. Feast on teppanyaki, shabushabu, sukiyaki and other specialty dishes in downtown Tokyo.

11:00 AM-10:00 PM

Exclusive members -only private salon Club mesm


Enter a luxurious and relaxed restaurant boasting modern Japanese style and astonishing views of the Tokyo Bay from an open terrace. Our private salon, Club Mesm, creates special, picture-perfect moments based on the concept of "Japan Flow."


Fish Bank Tokyo

.8 KM

Modern seafood delivered by the chef with confidence. A beautiful full-course meal with jewels, made based on the belief that the deliciousness of fresh seafood unique to Japan.

XEX Atago Green Hills

2 KM

You can enjoy vivid and beautiful Italian food produced by carefully selected ingredients, grilled dishes such as steak, Japanese wonderland "tempura & sushi.

Kisoji Shinbashi

2.1 KM

Enjoy authentic Japanese dishes from Kisoji Shinbashi.

Jangara Ramen (Ginza branch)

2.1 KM

Ginza is famous for being a trendy hotspot, but it's also a downtown area with shops that were founded over a hundred years ago.

Atelier Morimoto XEX

5.1 KM

Located on Roppongi / Star-Spangled Banner Street, this restaurant is produced by Masaharu Morimoto, a world-renowned chef. Loved by domestic and foreign celebrities, you can enjoy the exquisite Japanese and Western eclectic.

Jiromaru Akihabara

6.2 KM

When you stay in Japan, stop by Jiromaru Akihabara for amazing authentic meals.