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Fitness Center

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.6 KM

Have fun in this magical 5 floor toy wonderland at Toy Park Ginza.

Owl Cafe Mohumohu Ginza

.8 KM

Have fun being up close and personal with exotic owls at Owl Cafe Mohumohu Ginza.

VASARA Kimono Rental , Ginza Sanchome

1.5 KM

A visit to VASARA Kimono Rental , Ginza Sanchome represents just the start of the adventure!

Tokyo Disney Resort

13 KM

With the two Disney theme parks -- Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea -- plus hotels, shops, theaters and more, Tokyo Disney Resort is a themed resort offering more than can be enjoyed in just a few days.

Gold's Gym Tokyo

1.7 KM


.5 KM

Beauty is created from the mind. Touch, see, smell, hear, and taste. A spa where you can experience Japan with five senses. A unique spa experience that can only be found in Japan.