Dining AC Hotel Tokyo Ginza

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AC Kitchen


Stop by AC Kitchen, our modern hotel restaurant in Tokyo, and sample our delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Offerings include artisan hams, freshly baked croissants, specialty coffees, quiches and other Japanese-style cuisines.

6:30 AM-10:00 PM

AC Bar


Relax at AC Bar in the morning before a day out in Ginza or sip a handcrafted drink in the evening. Our stylish furniture and décor create a chic setting where guests enjoy signature AC gin and tonics while nibbling innovative Spanish tapas in Tokyo.

6:30 AM-11:00 PM


Yakiniku a Five Toku Ginza8chome

1 KM

Welcome to Yakiniku a Five Toku Ginza8chome and experience Japanese steakhouse cuisines.

Ginza Ukai-Tei

1 KM

Indulge in steakhouse cuisines when visiting Ginza Ukai-Tei.