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A good buzz at all times of the day. Lively, urban, cosmopolitan and strongly connected to the local scene. Blending an inspiring world of flavors, textures and settings, reflecting a relaxed and informal atmosphere. All day dining featuring exceptional aromas, flavors and stylish presentations. A pure stimulation for taste buds and appetites. Service slick and on point, without being too fussy.

At This Hotel

Bar area with tables and green chairs.

YOU Restaurant


Laid back yet surprisingly sparkling, YOU is a place for enjoyment, accompanied by contemporary international dishes and delicate drinks. Our hotel restaurant offer fun by the plate, coolness by the glass, and live music by handpicked artists

Open for lunch and dinner
Lounge area with tables and chairs and bar.



You. Is spontaneous, nothing planned, everything possible. Fun by the plate, coolness by the glass, music that´s hand-picked.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Well-stocked breakfast bar.



We have a sumptuous breakfast buffet restaurant at Le Méridien Vienna, illuminated by daylight and framed by greens. Warm or cold, sweet or savoury? Here's all your heart (and tummy) desires as a basis for an exciting day in Vienna.

7:00 AM-10:00 AM

In-Room Dining


Open for lunch and dinner
view of bar from golden table with green chairs
YOU – Lounge Area
view of bar from golden table with green chairs
YOU – Lounge Area

Nothing Planned, Everything Possible.

YOU. Is Spontaneous

An exceptional place for relaxed enjoyment, laid-back and surprisingly sparkling. Quiet niches with plush, pillowed benches closer to the ground and velvet-upholstered furniture provide a great sense of comfort. Ruled by dark green, brass and mirrors.

stools at a bar

Lean Back and Indulge.

Fun by the Plate, Coolness by the Glass

Incorporating local produce and the finest ingredients, cuisine boasts innovative dishes and taste adventures. Will it be Asian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Arabic, or Viennese? An exciting journey of culinary exploration is waiting. Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Spicy Sashimi, Ravioli Alba Regina, Moroccan Lemon-Chicken, Brazilian Feijoada, Red Octopus, Thai Curry, Vietnamese Pho and compelling vegetarian tidbits!

papaya and shrimp on ice
YOU - Shrimp Cocktail with Papaya
wine glasses near desert plates
YOU - Aperitivo with Italian Platter
cocktail with orange on gold table
YOU - Seasonal Cocktail

What else is in store?

Hand-Picked Music

A place full of joie de vivre and international flare. Where music becomes ritual, and the DJ is who sets the tone for the night. Stimulating and inspiring.

musician playing to an audience
At Your Service 24/7

In-Room Dining

Enjoy our delicious restaurant fare from the privacy and comfort of your room. The room service menu offers the best from our kitchen and serves it to you fresh, hot, and in no time at all.

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