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Valencia is unique for many reasons , in its streets, history and avant garde coexist perfectly knowing how to complement the city and so it is our new Autograph Collection, Hotel Palacio Santa Clara. Located close to the famous and commercial street of Valencia, Carrer Colón, it is the perfect example of the modernista spirit. Designed by the renowned architect Francisco Javier Görlich in 1916, this initial essence is preserved in our hotel. The delicious aesthetic design with different textures, curved lines, vegetables motifs... brings you a sense of harmony that perfectly combines with our best services and facilities. Explore our hotel in Valencia, find out our bar, drink a selected cocktail and evoke old times, unwind in one of our guest rooms totally equipped with everything you need plus small design touches that will lift your experience and after taking a dip in our pool, refresh yourself in our Dome Bar in the terrace. Live the real modernista experience. Discover Hotel Palacio Santa Clara.

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Located in the Ensanche area of Valencia, just a two- minute walk from the famous Valencian shopping street Carrer de Colón, Palacio Santa Clara is the perfect example of the modernist spirit. Designed by the famous architect Francisco Javier Göerlich in 1916, its initial essence is preserved in our establishment. The delicious aesthetic design with different textures, curved lines and plant motifs, among other elements, gives it a feeling of harmony that combines perfectly with our best services.


Building History

The building on which our hotel stands was built at the behest of the Niederleytner family to house their business on the ground floor and private housing. The Niederleytners were a bourgeois Valencian family that lived off the silk and orchard business. In the family, it was the woman who, on the ground floor of the building, managed the business, being her, the true icon of the family, the lady who today, gives name to our hotel.


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The first impression when walking through the streets of Valencia and arriving at the hotel is wonderful, being located in one of the main streets of the historic center of Valencia. The lobby vary in ambience, light and color, allowing a natural transition from the first hour to the last hour of the night. See for yourself what it’s like to experience something that’s exactly like nothing else.

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Welcome Drink

At the Check in moment, guests are offered the Valencia Typical drink Mistela, a liquor made from a mixture of grape must and alcohol. Generally sweet in flavor, it is taken as an accompaniment to desserts. See for yourself what it’s like to experience something that’s exactly like nothing else.

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Silk and Orchard

The textile sectors (specifically, the production and marketing of oriental silks) and agriculture. The industries promoted Valencian commerce, allowing a market bourgeoisie with a cosmopolitan character to develop.


The Palacio Santa Clara was once a ‘silk palace’; the house of a bourgeois Valencian family who made their fortune from silk. This family, the Niederleytners, were quick to adopt a particular sensibility: one of elegance, refinement, and subtlety typical of their noble nature, which they instilled in every aspect. In this family, the real responsibility for running the business lay with Mrs. Niederleytner, the woman, la dama. She was the prototype of the modernist woman from whom so many artists were inspired, the clothes, the beads, the finesse, the elegance... but, without ceasing to be la dama, the lady of the house. At a time that was defined by the worship of beauty and the purity of women, represented through the sensuality of curves, anyone who worked with silk became part of that aura of elegance, beauty, and refinement that characterized Modernismo.


An Authentic Oasis of Calm in the Center of Valencia

Enjoy a relaxing and refreshing swim in our rooftop pool, located in the heart of Valencia, offering you a refreshing moment of relaxation after a day full of sightseeing around the city. When the sun sets, there is no place in the city like our rooftop at the Palacio Santa Clara. It is more than a space to relax, it is an experience. Here you can enjoy a delicious cocktail at our bar, while enjoying stunning views. When the temperatures drop, terrace plans do not stop in the Valencian capital, and our terrace becomes the ideal place to enjoy with friends or a lively aperitif, all accompanied by the views.

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Palacio Santa Clara, Autograph Collection

Calle Pascual y Genis 22, Valencia, Spain, 46002

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