Welcome to the heart of Warsaw. Thanks to the excellent location of the Westin Warsaw hotel, our guests can experience the atmosphere of a bustling capital. Panoramic views from the rooms create a picture of Warsaw. In the vicinity of the hotel there is the Palace of Culture and Science, the most recognizable place in the city. Excellent communication links and the proximity of two metro lines will allow you to reach almost anywhere.

On-Site Outlets
Westin WorkOUT

WestinWORKOUT® Fitness Studio

Program RunWESTIN / Personal Tranings / Sauna & Massage


Trade in the treadmill for a RunWESTIN self-guided jog or refreshing walk with our custom running maps. Designed by New Balance, pocket-sized maps feature 3-mile and 5-mile jogging/walking routes from our hotel so you can combine your workout routine with fresh air and local scenery.

girl in the gym

Wellness Activities

As part of the Westin Weekends program, we try to make our guests use their weekly breaks as much as possible. It does not matter if you need to make up for sleep deficiencies, relax with a good kitchen, do physical activity, or visit a spa salon. Hotel Westin has prepared tips for its guests on how to use the advantages of staying in the city so that on Monday, you will wake up full of positive energy.

Massage Room
Activities to Enhance Wellness at The Westin


For lovers of music and live concerts, Warsaw has several interesting places to offer. One of them is the 12on14 Jazz Club, with live jazz concerts.


The Capitol Theater is a unique place that combines theater and club in one place. Capitol offers performances in Polish and English, as well as a special repertoire for children, a cabaret and concerts in the Capitol Club.


A visit to Prague can become an exciting experience, because this district is considered to be the main artistic district of Warsaw. Art lovers can take part in many events, such as exhibitions, vernissages, music shows, jam sessions and themed music nights. One of the most popular places for meeting friends in the fortune are: Oparach Absurdu, Łysy Pingwin, Za Kulisami, Znłonna Lekkość Beytu and Sen Bees.

Breakfast Fair

The breakfast market is an event for real gourmets who want to try traditional Polish cuisine from local producers and restaurateurs. In addition to Polish products, guests can try cuisines from different countries, for example: India, Spain, Brazil and many others. The market is organized in the form of a picnic and takes place every Sunday in various locations in Warsaw. It will be a perfect idea for spending free time with family and children. Culinary surprises and interesting seminars await guests.

Bio Bazar

For those who prefer a healthy lifestyle, Bio Bazar may be the most interesting point of the visit in Warsaw. The bazaar offers a variety of local bio products. Over 80% of them have quality certificates. Here, guests can not only buy organic products, but also learn more about ecology and a healthy diet.

Children in Vibrant

If you want to try Polish cuisine in a modern way, you should visit the restaurant Kieliszki na Próżnej. The concept of the restaurant is based on the simplicity and freshness of dishes prepared from organic, organic ingredients.

Fusion Restaurant

People looking for a unique culinary experience in Warsaw, for whom a healthy lifestyle and conscious nutrition is important, will surely enjoy the Fusion restaurant . The restaurant's menu is created by creative fusion dishes, combining the flavors of the East and the West by chef Janusz Korzyński. The Fusion restaurant is located in the lobby of The Westin Warsaw hotel and has an open kitchen that allows you to observe the process of preparing dishes by the chef.

Map for Running

Guests of The Westin Warsaw can easily reach three parks, which are a great place to run: Saxon Garden, Krasinski Garden and Łazienki Królewskie. Hotel Westin has prepared comfortable running maps especially for its active guests , covering 5- and 8-kilometer long tracks ideal for jogging or Nordic walking.

Rope Park

The rope park Warsaw is located in the city center, in the green area of ​​the Vistula River. An interesting place where you can spend your free time actively with family, children or friends. Three levels of rope track provide positive emotions and adrenaline, both for children and adults. Access is possible by bicycle, metro (station Dworzec Wileński), or a free ferry, departing from the vicinity of the Old Town (ferry runs during the summer).

Hangar 646 Trampoline Park & Murall Rock Climbing

For active people looking for new experiences, Hangar 646 Trampoline Park and Murall Rock Climbing will be an interesting option. Hangar 646 is divided into several zones assigned to various acrobatic activities. You do not need to be an athlete to use individual zones. Each visitor can count on help and consultation of professional trainers and staff. Adults and children can use climbing walls of various levels of difficulty, trampolines, basketball courts, ping pong and many other attractions.

Gardens of the Library of the Warsaw University

The gardens of the University of Warsaw Library are a unique place on a global scale. Gardens stretch on two levels. The rooftop garden is currently one of the largest roof gardens in Europe. The peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of the Library's gardens allows visitors to spend time reading books and doing sports.


If you feel that your body is still tense, think about training in a yoga school. Yoga is gaining more and more popularity in the world, because it helps our body quickly relax and relax. Yoga Republic is located in the center of Warsaw, offering yoga classes to its clients at various levels. Astanga Yoga Studio is conveniently located and offers professional service and training. Yoga cleanses the body, helps to neutralize stress, improves flexibility and endurance. It can become not only a hobby, but a lifestyle. From September to classes, we also invite you to Westin Workout at the Westin Warsaw hotel, where yoga exercises take place as part of the Good Mood Movement program.


Spa after a hard day's work is always a good idea. There are many SPA salons in Warsaw, where everyone will find something for themselves. We are miming the best SPA salon in Warsaw, according to the Trip Advisor portal. The resort is within a 20-minute drive from the city center and offers a variety of revitalizing and relaxing treatments. In the very center of Warsaw, there is the Buddha Spa, offering various types of massages, aesthetic treatments, yoga and hammam classes. In Studio Sante, in addition to spa treatments, guests can use the swimming pool with relaxing water, sauna and steam room.

What if you have to work during your weekend? Try to get a little pleasure.


Some of us can not imagine efficient work without tasty and aromatic coffee. Fortunately, Warsaw has many cafes and restaurants to offer, where you can find a place not only for rest, but also a corner for work. Passing through the Zbawiciela Square, it is worth joining the Ministry of Coffee, with a friendly atmosphere and a selection of snacks and free access to Wi-Fi. Cafe Jaś i Małgosia located at al. Jana Pawła II is one of the most popular Warsaw cafes, characterized by a unique atmosphere and a beautiful neon sign above the entrance. Jana Pawła can also be found in the Westin's JP's bar, where tasty snacks, coffee and Wi-Fi are pleasant.

Business Lunch

A break during work during your stay in Warsaw? One of the interesting options is the Concept 13 restaurant, located on the top floor of the exclusive shopping center Vitkac, with a view of the center of Warsaw. The restaurant invites you to a five-course lunch inspired by Polish cuisine. A business lunch served at the Fusion restaurant in the Westin Warsaw hotel from Monday to Friday will be an ideal place for business meetings in the center of Warsaw. The restaurant offers surprising combinations of flavors in modern interiors designed by the London architect - Anita Rosato. By introducing our Westin Weekend programme we are trying to convince our guests to make the most of their weekend breaks. No matter what your needs are whether you want to catch up on sleep, relax over a good dinner, do some physical activity or pay a visit to the spa centre. The Westin Warsaw has prepared simple tips on how to explore Warsaw at its best to boost positive energy.

Sleep Well

As research shows, one sleeping night can double the chance of finding a new way to solve a difficult problem.

Corner Room

Westin Family

Westin believes that our guests leaving our hotel should feel better than before arrival - we also take special care of our children. From the moment you reach the hotel's threshold, your child will be endowed with an engaging coloring book - the "Little Explorers" book with a set of crayons that will help stimulate the imagination of the toddler. In addition, parents will be able to use the guide for families, where they will find attractions of Warsaw especially attractive for the youngest travelers.

mum plays with her son
Coloring "Small Explorers"

Together with a set of colored pencils, it will be handed during the registration. Your child will be lost in the world to discover, while parents will have time to unpack their suitcases.

Guide to Warsaw

Plan a tour of Warsaw with a guide from Westin Warsaw, in which places are especially attractive for the youngest.

Kids Menu

In our Fusion restaurant, we make sure that all children visiting us have the opportunity to use nutritional foods so that healthy energy can spread them all day long!

Eat Well Menu for Kids

At the Westin Warsaw, we are taking care of everything that goes with the stay. In our Fusion restaurant, we're offering Eat Well Menu for Kids. The dishes on this menu are nutritious and delicious. Take your kids on vacation, explore the world, and discover Warsaw.