This is the ultimate year-round lakeside getaway for outdoor enthusiasts.

Located 200 miles north of New York City and at the southern tip of the Adirondacks region is the popular vacation spot known as Lake George. The lakeside town offers unparalleled access to nature, adventure-filled water and mountain sports and enough lakeside dining to please both sporty and foodie travelers.

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Explore Lake George

  • Lake George Village

Lake George Village


Lake George Village, the tiny community marking the southern tip of the lake, is as picturesque as small towns come. Visiting the village feels like traveling back to a bygone era, thanks to its log cabin architecture and old-timey steamboats. Come here to relax by the beach, stroll the adorable boutiques and grab a bite to eat at the village restaurants.

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Outdoor Activities, Shopping, Beaches

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An Outdoor Enthusiast’s Paradise Awaits in Lake George, New York

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Relax at the Lake

Spend the day sitting on the sand at Million Dollar Beach, then take to the water on an old-fashioned steamboat cruise that offers an entirely different view of the area. Go at dinnertime and enjoy a meal on board, or enjoy your evening meal back on dry land, your choice.

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Head to the Mountains

Hike around the nearby hills to get a bird’s-eye view of the lake below. Next, ramble around the area’s natural attractions, including its stone bridges and miles of cave trails.

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Take a Flyer

Get in a good adrenaline rush by visiting the area’s amusement parks, including the Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course, which provides fun for kids and kids at heart.

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