W Boston

100 Stuart Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02116 USA
+1 617-261-8700


The bold new rooms at W Boston celebrate the infamous rebels and rich history of Boston. Those with a rebellious spirit can revel in a playful escape with an authentic Bostonian experience. Designed to feel residential, the rooms are both vibrant and intimate. Here’s your insider glimpse of the new room features and design:

A glass bar table and cupboard act as a work counter and bar for those who always have one foot on the gas pedal. The cupboard is stocked with local spirits to get the party going.

The headboard is a playful distortion of early Colonial Boston‘s classic wood paneling - twisted and juxtaposed to challenge one’s perspective.

Handmade wool area rugs are inspired by the energetic jumpsuits of Steven Tyler, one of Boston’s infamous rock & roll disruptors.

Are the wings on the bed throw another nod to Aerosmith, or is an angel looking over your shoulder while you live it up?

It’s a toss-up… a ‘Scarlet Letter’ inspired throw pillow and occult themed glass compass table can help you decide whether to be puritanical or rebellious during your stay.

What to wear? A 6ft long clothing rail is ready to lay out all your outfit options. Because who doesn't pack too many things?

Indulge in New Room Features

  • Nespresso machine
  • Bluetooth speaker to amp up your stay
  • 55” Samsung TV with streaming technology
  • Electronics/device charging station
  • Hardwood floors
  • Revamped corridors with floor-to-ceiling murals and new carpets
King Wonderful Guest Room
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