The Luxury Collection Concierge

Each Luxury Collection Concierge is a bilingual, certified destination expert, proudly wearing "Les Clefs d'Or", the gilt insignia of the celebrated international concierge society, and eager to reveal the secret treasures of the Algarve.

The Head Concierge at the Pine Cliffs Hotel is Hugo Viegas, who is supported by our knowledgeable reception staff. With deft expertise, Hugo and his team are pleased to confirm dinner reservations, arrange tee times, secure show tickets or suggest local enrichment tours. They are also available to arrange various transfers and private car services including a plush 7 series BMW, a mini-van for the family, or a small bus transfer for larger groups.


Our Concierge Recommends

Algarve is full of history, mystery and secrets that our Head Concierge will reveal gladly so that your experience at Pine Cliffs, a Luxury Collection Resort, may be holistic and unforgettable.

Botanical Tour
We invite you to take part in a self-guided ethnobotanical tour to the surrounding gardens of Pine Cliffs Hotel. These lovingly tended gardens provide a peaceful haven filled with a wide diversity of plants, native from several parts of the World, some beautiful flowers and trees for fruits or shelter.
Come with us and discover the amazing stories that the plants have to tell in this revealling journey. Every Thursdays at 11AM
Cork Tour
The cork factory Novacortiça in S.Brás de Alportel is a family-run business, active since the XIX century and its doors are opened for a guided tour through the transformation of cork until it becomes the final product.

This unique factory has been providing supply to the world's best sparkling wines and champagnes. In fact, the evolution of cork products led this company to be present in the luxury area.
Sagres - The End of the World
It is Europe’s most South-Western point – Sagres is a magical place. Beaches are untouched and spotted with whitewashed houses in small villages.

Menhirs testify the presence of Neolithic inhabitants. The Phoenicians erected a sanctuary to Hercules and the Romans considered it a sacred ground, a place where the sunset made the ocean waters boil.
Loule Market
Loulé Council Market construction comes from the beginning of the XX century, it was concluded in 1907. The architecture is neo-arab and it presents an explosion of colors and fragrances.

Similar to a palace, in this building you'll find a wide selection of fresh products, including fish, vegetables and traditional products made with passion and ancient knowledge, as jams and weaved baskets. Saturday morning is the best day for a visit.
Azulejos: Portuguese Tiles Tour
Discover the magnificence of the Azulejos, treasured hand-painted Portuguese tiles that charmingly decorate the Pine Cliffs Resort. Our guests can follow Head Concierge Hugo Viegas on his weekly tour and go on a historical walk, one that is also a journey back in time.

Our Head Concierge

Hugo Viegas, our Head Concierge, and his team, always supported by a knowledgeable reception staff, will guide through this Algarvian experience, recommending unique places to explore but also assisting you with reservations, transfers, tee times and any other service that you may need during your stay.

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