TownePlace Suites Hamilton

1195 Upper James Street, Hamilton, Ontario L9C 3B2 Canada
+1 905-488-0555

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Front Desk


Queen/Queen Suite
Queen/Queen Suites
King Studio Suite
King Suite
King Suite - Connecting
King Suites with Sofa Bed
Suite Kitchen
Suite Kitchen
Suite kitchens
Accessible Kitchens
Accessible Guest Room Entrance
Guest Bathroom - Tub/Shower Combo
Suite Bathroom - Walk-in Shower
Accessible Bathroom - Vanity
Accessible Bathroom - Roll-in Shower


Business Centre and Reception
In A Pinch
Get your sense of place - Hamilton, Ontario
Guest Laundry


Buffet Breakfast Area
Breakfast Area
Breakfast Buffet

Recreation & Fitness

Heated Saltwater Pool
Heated saltwater pool - accessible
Fitness Center
Fitness Center

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Learn about Hamilton & the Region

Events & Meetings

Mount Hope & Upper James Foyer
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