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Little Griffins

At the JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa, for families traveling with children, memorable moments spent with your loved ones truly come alive with the FAMiLY by JW™ - Little Griffins Kids Club. Featuring up to 100 activities, a rarity in the Maldives, the architecture of the kids club is inspired by the underwater theme - a puzzle of beach huts, the sea designed to meet the jungle and fascinating landscapes provide an element of discovery in every room. It is also equipped with an over 13 meters (43 feet) long pirate ship that hosts movie nights for the families, arts and crafts, reading spaces, games and educational activities to provide children of all ages, hours of unfiltered fun and entertainment. A thoughtfully planned daily program integrates nostalgic family activities like; Family Balloon Twisting, Treasure Hunt, Family Cupcake Decorating and Pizza making, which encourages parents and kids to partake in creating tributes of love.

In addition to the recreational facilities, the resort features two different pool areas catered to both kids and adults. The FAMiLY by JW™ Little Griffins Kids Club pool area, divided into a small splash zone and a larger 60 cm deep section, is the center of fun in the sun and combined seamlessly with all these happenings is delectably crafted food- that is exciting, tasty and nourishing. Kids under 12 eat free at the restaurants from the kids menu.

FAMiLY by JW – Little Griffins Kids Club

Be Together

FAMiLY by JW™ Little Griffins Kids Club

Young adventurers will have fun exploring the magic of the underwater world and life on the island at our standalone FAMiLY by JW – Little Griffins.

Sandcastle Making

Have your kids head to the beach with our FAMiLY by JW™ - Little Griffins Kids Club team, along with a wide variety of sand buckets, digging and sculpting tools, molds, and stencils. Based on the age and interest of the kids, the activity is also turned into a competition. The first child to build a castle with 3 different sizes of rooms and a moat wins. Our team also encourages the kids to implement elements of nature such as tree sticks and seashells into their designs.

Kite Flying

Often a first time experience, the kids enjoy the feel of the sand between their toes as they run along the shore with the wind in their hair and huge smiles on their faces, while controlling a colorful kite in the blue Maldivian skies above, guided by our FAMiLY by JW™ - Little Griffins Kids Club team.

Beach Olympics

Several activities with something for everyone. These include Sack Races, Pass the Water, Fill the Bucket, Egg and Spoon Races, and more. The aim is to bring kids together to enjoy activities that involve speed, concentration, teamwork, patience, and most of all - fun.

Island Exploration

Kids identify and learn about local vegetation and wildlife while on an interactive nature walk around the island with the FAMiLY by JW™ - Little Griffins Kids Club team.

FAMiLY Pizza Making

This family activity takes place at our Italian restaurant, Fiamma where kids look the part in branded FAMiLY by JW™ aprons and learn proper techniques to make their favorite pizzas with our qualified chefs. Of course, the best part is eating their delicious creations afterward. Parents are also encouraged to get in on the fun.

Arts & Crafts (Sustainability)

Our arts and crafts sessions aim at reducing waste and providing kids with tangible knowledge and experience on recycling and sustainability.
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Pool Session

From guidance on floating to games such as Marco Polo and Treasure Diving, there is a lot of splish-splashing around for everyone, no matter what the swimming level of the kids.
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