Sheraton Fallsview Hotel

5875 Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 3K7 Canada
+1 905-374-4445

Signature Spirits & BBQ

Niagara Distillery is Raising Spirits 

Connected to our Hotel via an indoor walkway, Niagara Distillery is the newest dining option to open on-site. The Distillery has created six hand-crafted signature spirits developed to be enjoyed on their own, or in your favorite cocktail. To enhance the experience, our menu features competition favorite Billy Bones BBQ who brings award-winning low and slow cooked ribs that are deeply caramelized with classic Billy Bones rub and sauce, tender brisket, tangy pulled pork, and juicy burgers to our Niagara Falls Restaurant.    

Award Winning BBQ

Our menu proudly features Billy Bones BBQ. Garnering more than 250 awards across North America for their sauce, it is proudly weaved throughout our mouth-watering menu.

Hand Crafted Cocktails

Shake things up by taking our craft spirits and mixing them until you have your signature cocktail or maybe even a new go-to.

Niagara Distillery
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