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Area & Activities

Zagreb lists a vast array of historical spots and picturesque corners. Have a look at the list below to find your favorite place in the city.

Family and Children's Activities

2.1 miles

Escape Room Enigmarium Zagreb

Phone: +385 1 5810 401

Get ready for a new generation of escape room fun in a story fully incorporated into the local history, THE MYSTERIOUS CASE OF THE ZAGREB WITCH!

1.6 miles

Museum of Illusions

Experience an intriguing tour in the world of illusions and interact with displays, puzzles and riddles that will make you smarter!

1.9 miles

Museum of broken relationships

Explore the public and virtual space which treasures the symbols of heartbroken love stories.

More Local Area & Activities

Lotršćak Tower

Among many Zagreb sites located in the Upper Town, one should mention the medieval Lotršcak Tower erected in the 13th century at the south entrance to the former Gradec. One of the landmarks of Zagreb, the Tower is the best preserved part of the former city fortification.

Tkalčićeva street

Tkalčićeva street in Zagreb, lovingly referred to as Tkalča, developed between the two oldest Zagreb neighbourhoods, Kaptol and Gradec, at the place of the former stream surrounded by mills and arched by bridges, the most famous one being the legendary Bloody Bridge.

Zagreb Upper Town

The Upper Town, formerly called Gradec, has kept its old appearance to a great extent, and includes a number of Zagreb sites. Located on the slope of the Medvednica Mountain, it was fortified with walls and towers in the 13th century, and many legends are associated with it.

Ilica Street

Ilica is the most famous street in Zagreb and a favourite place for shopping due to a number of prestigious clothes and shoe stores.

Contemporary Art Museum

The Museum of Contemporary Art is a lively place of creation, representation and preservation of all forms of contemporary art. Its purpose is to encourage the understanding of contemporary art through innovative and creative use of exhibitions and collections, thus allowing diverse groups of visitors to learn through entertainment. The emphasis is placed on the development of the working process with artists and the audience, rather than on displaying a final exhibition product.

Manduševac Fountain

Manduševac Fountain is among the most famous Zagreb sites for citizens and travellers alike due to its location and historical background.

Croatian National Theatre

Built in 1895, this famous baroque building is the Croatian National Theatre. It is surrounded by many buildings of high architectural value, which represent the late 19th and early 20th century architecture. The repertoire of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb boasts a rich and diverse offer.

Zagreb Botanical Garden

The Zagreb Botanical Garden is located in the heart of the city and has unique charm. Founded in 1889 for the purpose of university lectures, it is now home to autochthonic plant varieties from different parts of Croatia as well as a number of other plants from the sub-Mediterranean, Mediterranean and Alpine regions.

Local Attractions

Medvedgrad Castle

City centre

Central Square Ban Jelacic

Zagreb Cathedral

Botanical Garden

Avenue Mall

Shopping Mall Centre West

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