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RAKxa Wellness Spa at The St. Regis Aspen Resort

The word “RAKxa” [RAHK-sah, รักษ] in Thai means to conserve, guard, cherish, and heal, reflecting the focus on both preventing illness and promoting healing. Upholding RAKxa’s meaning, RAKxa Wellness Spa provides an experience beyond relaxation. Whether you seek to recover from the slopes or retreat from everyday stress, RAKxa Wellness Spa at The St. Regis Aspen provides space, understanding, and time for your rebalance.

RAKxa Wellness Spa

Numerous circumstances in life can unsettle your equilibrium—be it insufficient rest, climatic shifts, or the burdens of stress and anxiety. Fostering a dedication to rest and rejuvenation emerges as pivotal for achieving a harmonious and well-rounded state of personal wellbeing. At RAKxa Wellness Spa, we use a blend of therapies that work together to enhance your body, mind, and lifestyle. These therapies are designed to support you in achieving a state of balance and well-being.

Scalp Massage
RAKxa Wellness Spa Rebalancing Treatments
Ayrurvedic-Inspired Detox Treatment

RAKxa Remove and Restore

The feelings of lethargy and tiredness are conditions of toxin accumulation in the body or lactic acid build-up from intense exercise. Re-invigorate your body and combat energy fatigue through this Ayurveda-inspired detox treatment.

Tension Release

RAKxa Tension Release

Whether one has been dealing with muscle tension after a day of mountain sports or a long flight, this specialized approach integrates ancient Thai wisdom with modern physiotherapy. The blend of techniques aims to alleviate physical fatigue, address discomfort, and restore muscle function through deep stretching and acupressure. Experience the transformation as the body regains vitality and flexibility.

Quality Sleep

RAKxa Good Night Sleep

For those seeking a more restful and rejuvenating sleep or grappling with jet lag from extensive travel, our approach focuses on rebalancing mental and emotional fatigue. We employ a holistic blend of body, mind, and energy healing techniques to help prepare your body for a deeply restorative sleep.

Our Treatments

RAKxa Wellness Spa transforms spa experiences by integrating wellness, drawing from various healing therapies, blending ancient wisdom with organic ingredients for their therapeutic benefits, and focusing on your complete well-being, not just your physical self.

Trigger Point Release Massage

Mountain Sports Ritual

Skincare for the Slopes

Experiences for your Comfort

Lymphatic Compression Suit

Health is Wealth

RAKxa Integrative Wellness Retreat in Bangkok

RAKxa Integrative Wellness offers an integrative approach to wellbeing. We integrate ancient therapies and wisdom with contemporary medicine and knowledge, crafting a personalized healing system tailored to your unique health goals. Discover additional details on progressing your wellness journey here.

RAKxa Integrative Wellness Retreat

Spa Information

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