Imperial High Tea

Enjoy a memorable high tea in the magnificent lobby lounge of the Hotel Imperial to the sound of enchanting harp music. Besides exclusive tea blends and rosé champagne, we also serve savoury sandwiches, traditionally baked scones and sweet treats.
The year 1873 was noted for many historic events: the opening of the Hotel Imperial, the Vienna World’s Fair, and the silver jubilee of Emperor Franz Joseph I. The aqueduct transporting pure spring water from the Alps to Vienna was also inaugurated the same year. The aqueduct supplied the Hotel Imperial with running water – making it one of the first hotels to boast this amenity.

To this day, our pure spring water is the key to brewing the finest tea. The British royal family is said to have had Vienna’s spring water barrelled and shipped over to England. The Hotel Imperial takes pride in this connection, one that was renewed when Queen Elizabeth II stayed at the hotel in 1969. Imperial Tea is an expression of this heritage and aristocratic flair. A cup of this exquisite tea accompanied by a slice of Imperial Torte is a taste of a carefully cultivated tradition.

Our distinctive tea is a symphony of specially selected leaves from small tea plantations: prized Darjeeling is blended with exquisite green Sencha and rounded off with a hint of bergamot and delicate rose blossom petals. The teas are painstakingly harvested and processed by hand, resulting in a natural product with a distinctive fresh, flowery and expressive character. Imperial Tea No. 26 is made exclusively for the Hotel Imperial by the Dehler Tea Company.

Alternatively, guests can savour imperial coffee, the essence of the Viennese coffee house tradition. Arabica beans from the sun-drenched highlands of Latin America are skilfully roasted to create a characteristic aroma, at once mild and full-bodied. Experience a cup in the hotel’s elegant Café Imperial or order the exclusive coffee mélange and take a piece of Viennese history home with you.

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